Monday, November 05, 2007

Tokyo or New York City; Canada, Paris, Miami

The song everyone remembers from Miss Congeniality is Bosson's "One In A Million," and with good reason--it's a fantastic song. That's not the end of the movie's good pop songs, though--it also features an A*Teens song and the song I'm posting today, which, granted, isn't as good as "One In A Million," but is still a cute little pop song. It's performed by American girl group P.Y.T. who released their only album in 2001. They also got a few songs featured on movies out at the time, including Bring It On, Center Stage, and Miss Congeniality.

Anywhere U.S.A.--let's be honest: from the first time I heard the last minute of this song, I've never been able to listen to the beginning without wishing the whole song was more like that. The beginning is nice enough bubblegum pop with apparently random use of vocoder, but there's just not enough energy or strength or enthusiasm--yeah, I think that last one's it; not enough enthusiasm--in the girls' voices. However, after we get past their obligatory pop-rap thing, chanted backing vocals come in to provide that needed extra strength and fun, and even the main melody line feels stronger for it.

To buy the Miss Congeniality soundtrack, go here (physical), or you can get the same song on the Bring It On soundtrack, available here (physical).

Next up: maybe that Swedish duet.


Paul said...

oh my god, i totally thought that was b*witched! haha, now i have to go listen to C'Est La Vie and Bosson's One In A Million.

Sidebar your honour - i bought the latest bosson album. he looks kinda lounge lizardy on the cover. Does vegas beckon?

Robpop said...

AAAAAAWwwwwwwww,I Love PYT! They did a great little album!

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, enjoy--glad to remind you of good older-ish pop songs! And maybe yeah, but since "You" is one of the best pop songs of the decade so far, he can put whatever he wants on the cover. Well, within reason ;)

I've never bought the whole album, Rob! Heard some good things about some of the unreleased stuff, though.

Anonymous said...

About Heartbreak Lullaby by A*Teens

I love this song it help mi out in the past when my bf broke up with mi it was like they where reading my heart and puting it in the song A-TEEN r one of so many marvelouse band this is one of the best of the best