Saturday, November 03, 2007

So put your hands up in the air

Maybe it was because it came on after what seemed like an endless number of Romanian dance-trance songs--don't get me wrong, Romania does those well, but without having a huge affinity for the genre, I can only listen to so many before they all start to blend together. Maybe it was because it was such an unashamedly stupid catchy song, with its faux-urban vocals, crowd noises (chanting and claps), and electronic beeps lifted from dance music and mixed with some catchy "ohhh, ohhh-ayy"s. Whatever the reason, I was hooked on Romanian group Fly Project's "Tasha" from the first listen. Do I know anything more about Fly Project than their country of origin and that they appear to be made up of two guys? No, and I don't need to. "Tasha" puts a goofy grin on my face, and that's ultimately all that matters. It's not as if this sort of thing has never been done before, but this particular dance-plus-stadium-effects-and-ridiculous-poser-type-singing combination is too much fun for me to pass up. What can I say, I loved Danzel's "Pump It Up" as well. Plus, "I like your sexy on my car" is a line for the ages, no?

Tasha (Radio Version)

To buy Fly Project's second (I think) album, K-Tinne, go here (physical). I should mention that I've never used that store before, but their record label recommends it, so it should be legit. Of course, the album is currently out of stock at that site, so it won't really do you much good. If anyone else has any other recommendations for where to buy Romanian music, please let me know!

Next up: maybe something Swedish and very poppy.

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