Monday, October 22, 2007

If you don't like that, start walking

Obsess obsess obsess...

Don't Stop The Pop has done it again--I'm currently obsessing over Finnish singer Ninja. Well, at this moment, I'm listening to the album through for the first time, but there can be absolutely NO DOUBT that "I Don't Play Guitar" is one of the BEST songs of the year. If Margaret Berger's "Will You Remember Me Tomorrow" got you excited, there is a very good chance you'll enjoy "I Don't Play Guitar," as well as other songs Ninja has done (though note that I'm not saying they sound the same, just that fans of the one will probably like the other).

I'm speechless (in a good way) at the moment. If you haven't already, you absolutely must check out Don't Stop The Pop's two features on Ninja. And then order her album (physical here and digital here, regardless of where you live). At the very least buy "I Don't Play Guitar." And "Hush, Hush." And "Champagne." And...well, I could go on!

What are you waiting for?

I'm in lovvvve...

(so much so that I just bought the digital album and then the physical there any wonder why I never have any money?)

(I think I'm going to cut off the last fifteen seconds of "I Don't Play Guitar," though--they take away from the lovely electro-popness of the rest of the song.)


Paul said...

Oh! I turn my back for 5 minutes and you are spurting posts out all over the place! hehe. I'm still unsure about Don'tStopThePop's bold claim to Ninja being the most amazing new artist this year. She has done a very solid pop album. I'll have to play it in the car today to see if i can get more excited about it. Oh god, i hope this doesn't end up in the robyn/darren/roisin category! What is wrong with me :P

Poster Girl said...

Oh, but Paul, I think seeing it just as a "very solid pop album" is more than enough! You don't have to see it as more than that, and I'd hate for your feeling that the world expects you to see it as more to bring down your opinion of it. Her hype isn't anywhere near those artists--if anything, so far, compare this to, say, my raving about Ola's "S.O.S" and "Natalie"--i.e., it's not as if it's blog saturation levels of hype, which you got for Robyn, Darren, and Roisin (which, in my eyes, was deserved for some of those).

Of course, she may not be your sort of thing ;) I just think it's important to not feel like she's being forced on you as the next big thing by the Internet--that's not happening; DSTP has great influence, but, as I said, this isn't "universal adoration level" those others sometimes seem to achieve--because that can lead you (generic you, not you you) to feel standoffish, maybe sort of resentful, towards the music from the beginning, can make you feel let down because it's not the best song of the past 10 years as opposed to just being able to appreciate a nice/great pop song. I'm thinking of my reaction to Sugababes' "About You Now" and Britney's "Gimme More," both of which I've now completely reversed on and regret my earlier "well, this isn't 150% amazing, so I'm not on board" attitude towards.

So really, all this is maybe me talking to and about myself ;) Just don't feel like she's being forced on you as the next big thing! Because she's not; if you don't love her work, that's just you not agreeing 100% with a couple of bloggers (though I do hope more people come to love her, because I do). If, for you, her album is "just" a "very solid pop album," that's fine, because 1.) we don't all love the same things--some people may not like, say, Vigo or (impossible as it seems ;) ) Simon Curtis, and 2.) isn't it enough for an album to "just" be a "very solid pop album"? That's really enough to get me excited...

Poster Girl said...

Ummm, that sounded a lot more serious than it was meant to! Err...let's talk about Måns's hairstyle as Lilla Melodifestivalen! And how glad I am that it still sounds like he's decided to take at least a year off between real Melodifestivalens.

Robpop said...


Your article made me so happy! I was bouncing off the ceiling when i read it!

In short, your "lovvvve..." as you put it..As I AM!!!!

As the title song totally lifts me up! I think thats the magic of the song. It spurts bubblepop. Whereas a lot of the cool electro pop tends to leave you cold (but spunked up), "I don't play guitar" lifts you up and brings a smile to your face.

Its been a crap couple weeks but this song-its soars and makes you feel happy. Why? When she says "Don't need no rift to get attention", all those shameful moments where someone will look down on your music collection and its pop genealogy is refuted and suddenly defended by Ninja!

Its like Ninja is there fighting for "solid pop singers" Linda Bengtzing, Dannii, Magnus, Nanne and so forth. This is not about acceptance! Its not about seriousness. If two people out there like Ninja's/Linda Bs/Danny/Ola's new albums, Ninja makes sure those people are happy and not bullied.

Thats what made me Speechless about the record-Not sure about you Postergirl? It was a new Alla Flickor....that also, wonderfully, defended Alla Flickor at the same time!!!!!!!

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha ha--at second thought, maybe I should have put "I'm in love (WOO!)," but I'm not sold on that song yet. I love your description of how the album makes you feel. Particularly

Whereas a lot of the cool electro pop tends to leave you cold (but spunked up), "I don't play guitar" lifts you up and brings a smile to your face.

that sentence--the whole "it make me happy" thing. I'm still high on the album, I think.

Robpop said...

Oh its a very "high" album. A few days ago it was all about Hush Hush! Then it was all about the bridge in Champagne..Now its the title song (WHICH I AM SURE WAS A FAILED EUROVISION ATTEMPT!)

As for the end....of the ends with a guitar! Its ironic and ever so witty to end a song about guitar rifts that actually refutes the need for guitars!