Sunday, October 21, 2007

Det eneste jeg vil er at ligge her og chill

I'm currently a little obsessed with the following song--no, scratch that; I'm very obsessed. As I find myself doing so often, I have to gratefully credit another blog--here, Don't Stop The Pop--for introducing me to the artist I'm writing about--this time, Anna David. Her adorable single "Impossible" was posted over there during the Danish Pop special and I loved it on the first listen (I completely adore "Impossible" and strongly recommend getting it if you haven't already), but was disappointed to hear that she'd since gone off to pursue a different style (less poppy, more...R&b-y, maybe?) since then (as well as switching over to Danish from English); her megahit "Fuck Dig" was never something I really felt compelled to listen to. The lead single for her second album likewise passed me by without me paying attention to it or being interested to really hear it. Her second single for this album, though, has completely enchanted me.

Chill--don't be fooled by the title--this song is in Danish. It's absolutely one of those songs that manages to make the language barrier not matter at all, though. "Chill" has to be one of the happiest, most feel-good songs I've heard this year; every time I listen to it, I feel a desire to sway back and forth while singing it. Preferably while sitting outside on a sunny day. The first time I heard it, my first thought--well, no, my first thought was "I love this!", but my second thought was the paranoid "Is this a cover?" (a worry that sneaks up on me often now--as I said, I'm paranoid), but, though I have no idea if it is or not (though given the writing credits for her first album, I'd guess not), I've given up caring, because I'm having too much fun listening to this light breezy track which has a little bit of a retro feel. Complete with "ooo"s and "yeah"s and "woah"s and giggles, tambourine, and cute little shiny electronic noises (I'm a sucker for these--I've got to figure out a better name for them), the song moves along at mid-tempo (though the verse has a nice rapidfire delivery to its words) and has a chorus that is pure poppy joy--stick it out at least to that and then I defy you not to be taken with it.

Since this is a new(ish--well, not really, but it's still charting) single, it'll only be posted for a few days.

To buy Anna David's second album 2, go here (physical) or here (digital). If you'd told me a year ago I'd be very very tempted to buy an Anna David album (that wasn't a reversion to her original sound), I'd have been shocked, but I am--from previews, it sounds like at least several other songs on the album are really good.

Next up: maybe something else from Denmark.


Robpop said...


I LOVE this place.

To be sure, the dodgy rnb album from ms.David was absolutely awful...but this turn of events is amazing. I must send you her schlager stuff.

Poster Girl said...

I'd love to hear it! I love love love "Impossible"--in fact, I think it was the first song I downloaded from a blog (not that that's when I started reading blogs, but before I had higher legal/moral standards and would only listen without downloading, then going out and buying what I liked); it was just so fantastic and I didn't know where else I could get it that I couldn't help myself. It opened the floodgates and I've never looked back ;)

Completely unrelated, but I've been listening to that Andermay song you all posted a while back, and still adore it. I know I said it at the time, but how fantastic it is is worth repeating.

kamagra said...

Excellent news, at least for me, she was out the stages for long time, but the curious thing it's that no one knows why.