Sunday, October 21, 2007

No, no, no

The funniest thing I have seen in quite some time.

(You have to have seen the [disappointing, for me and some others] new Girls Aloud album artwork and read the record company's explanation for it, and have heard about the whole Hard-Fi cover artwork thing, to get it, but it's worth catching up if you haven't already, because, truly, it's hilarious.)

Though, speaking of jokes related to said album cover, I quite like this one as well.

Speaking of disappointing, after loving "Sexy! No No No," I'm not thinking much of "Call The Shots" yet--maybe it's something I'll like more after hearing it more times?

Edit: of course--I listened to "Call The Shots" again after this and liked it much more.


Paul said...

haha, people are so "creative" :P It's weird - at first i liked Sexy No No No well enough but thought it a little pretentious and too cool, but it has really grown on me. Conversely, Call The Shots, i loved instantly, but less so now. Things that make you go hmmmmm.....

Resa said...

Hahaha! Though I really do hate the Tangled Up cover. :(

I personally would've had Girls Aloud in a web of some sort. Cliche? Yeah. Haha.

I really am excited about the new album. Girls Aloud fan since 2002. Gosh. That's a really long time.

Poster Girl said...

Ha, reverse reaction for me and "Call The Shots" so far, though we'll see if that's long-lasting, and it still feels like a song I need to be doing something else while listening to.

See, even if clichéd, that would've been perfect! "Sexy! No No No" brought me a whole new appreciation for them--I knew and liked on an "OK" level most of their singles before that (and loved "Something Kinda Ooooh"), but for some reason that song made me go back and have--well, maybe "revival" isn't the right word since it was a new appreciation, but it made me want to go get their albums and brought about a reevaluation (favorable one) of their earlier singles. I'm really excited about the album now as well!

Adem IAR said...

I went from thinking "Call The Shots" was okay, to brilliant, to good, and now I am standing firmly by my belief it's their 2nd greatest song to date. Nicola's fizzy-euphoric-arms-in-the-sky-with-lights bit during her middle 8 did it for me actually!

Adem IAR said...

"Nicola's fizzy-euphoric-arms-in-the-sky-with-lights bit during her middle 8 did it for me actually!"

I meant to add at the beginning of that sentence: "In the video clip,"

Does that make sense?

Poster Girl said...

Yup, that makes sense! :) I think I love it now--I'm so fickle.

Ohh, I hadn't watched the video yet--I love it! Yup, I definitely love the song now.

Adem IAR said...