Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ain't it crazy how after all this time...

File this post, like the one on Ola's "S.O.S", in the "horribly out of date but I didn't want to post it at the time because everyone else was (though I did write about it a lot) and then the single was coming out and I didn't want to hurt it in any way (even though that's silly because it's not as if my blog would do much, and especially not when the song's already all over the Internet), but I still really want to write about it because it's one of my favorite songs of the year" category. I'm truly convinced that Shayne Ward's "If That's OK With You"/"No U Hang Up" double A side single was one of the year's best releases. He's also sort of my ideal popstar, or at least doing a type of music I love and am so relieved to have someone doing. The X Factor winner's upcoming second album, entitled Breathless, is due out November 26, with second single "Breathless" (a ballad which you can listen to a high quality clip of here; thanks to PubliSpain for the heads-up) coming out earlier in November, and I can't wait to get a copy of it. Shayne's style is very pure pop, I'd say, and luckily this second album is reported to have far fewer ballads than his first one (though his cover of "No Promises" from that album is fantastic and one of my favorite songs of 2006; "Next To Me" is also very good as well). I just hope he can keep selling as well as this latest single has--as of last week, it was still at #4, which really surprises but pleases me.

No U Hang Up--I know I've written a lot about this song before, but I have to feature it again--it really is one of my favorite songs of the year. The lyrics are still dorky but adorably so (much like this photo), and the song is so cute, so smooth, so catchy--I've lost track of the number of times I've had "we got that 'you hang up' 'no you hang' kinda love" stuck in my head, but I don't mind at all. It's got great production as well--all those little background sound effects very much help make the song. Not cool in any way, shape, or form, but a fantastic pop song nonetheless.

To preorder Shayne Ward's second album Breathless, go here (physical). Speaking of the album, Amazon and other sites have the following picture with the album, though I'm not sure whether it's the official cover or not.

It's a cropped version of a promo photo we've seen before.

Next up: maybe a German group.


J'ason D'luv said...

Well, the first time I heard "No U Hang Up" was on your site... you posted that clip of him singing it live a few months back, didn't you?

I'm with you -- it's one of the best singles of the year. I even ordered the actual CD single from Amazon to have the good quality version of it, and it never leaves my car.

I also liked "No Promises" from his debut, but none of the other songs. Here's hoping the new album has many more "No U Hang Up"s!

Paul said...

viva la shayne. i always knew he had it in him. i love the mistletoe shot of him. it will be coming out for most of December on le zaps. I am tres excited for his ballad and album. While i appreciate U Hang Up, i still adore t'other side better!

Sam said...


Found your site in my stats ( just to let you know it is the official album cover.

Keep up the great support of him.

Sam :D

Alexander said...

I love Shayne and am looking forward to his album very much so. However, I'm not too crazy about the cover. The picture is good but I don't like the font-thing.

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, I've been really excited about this song and the whole single :) I'm really hoping for a good album as well!

It's such a cute picture, though he looks a bit different in it--maybe his skin seems a bit darker?

Thanks for the info! I wasn't sure :) And thanks for posting the link to that clip as well.

I've given up trying to decide what I think of album covers...except that Britney's latest one isn't very good. I think I would've liked a new picture on the cover, but this'll work too, I guess.