Friday, September 28, 2007

You never rise above being with the one you love

Esther Hart deserved better than her thirteenth place finish in Eurovision 2003; she should've at least qualified the Netherland directly into the final for the following year. She gave a solid vocal performance (even voted the best)--you really can't argue with her voice. Outfit choice, yes, but not voice (she looked better at the national final)--and her song "One More Night" was great, catchy and uplifting. The Dutch singer got to release an album, Straight From The Hart, after her participation in Eurovision, but I don't think she's released any solo commercial music since. I've been meaning to investigate more of what she's done, but never got around to hearing any more of it than what Popsound once posted. Don't be surprised if she ends up cropping up here again, though. On an interesting note, that same year she was also in the running to represent the UK (with a different song, "Wait For The Moment"), but she decided to represent her home country and pulled out of the UK contest; her song was given (with a new name) to Simon Chapman, who...well, didn't win A Song For Europe.

One More Night--this is a slightly cheesy, cheery pop song written by the same people who did Marlayne's 1999 entry "One Good Reason," which some people have pointed out similarities with, but "One More Night" feels stronger (in terms of tone), though I suppose that could have something to do with Esther's voice. It's simple but good, not challenging but really enjoyable.

To buy the album for Eurovision 2003, go here (physical).

Next up: maybe a British singer.

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