Friday, September 28, 2007

There's gotta be a way that's better than just getting by

From the Department of Weird or Surprising Covers:

  • Portuguese singer FF does Martin Stenmark's "7milakliv" on his second album (renamed "Eu Só Quero Ser")
  • German group Cinema Bizarre (who are awkwardly gothically styled) do Protocol's "She Waits For Me" as the b-side to their debut single
  • American artist Lucas Prata (who did the good dance-pop "...And She Said") does B3's "All The Girls" for his latest single (and I'm surprised at how close a cover it is to the original--not dance-popped up like I'd expected)
  • Icelandic singer Sigrún Vala does Shirley Clamp's "Min Kärlek" and Sahlene's "We're Unbreakable" as singles (renamed "Því ástin" and "Ekki gera neitt," respectively)
All of these, save for maybe the Sigrún Vala ones, are relatively recent (as in, from the past few months), I think.

(By the way, this post title isn't taken from any of the above songs but a new-ish American song I may actually like and post soon; super-cheesy title but pop-rock stylings, though not quite as hooky as I'd like. Literally everything I've seen has compared them to Avril, but don't think "Girlfriend" or "Sk8r Boi" Avril, sadly; too earnest for that. I could end up going off it quickly, though.)


Anonymous said...

How fabulously researched, yay, :D

Will listen to them thanks.


Poster Girl said...

No prob :) And thanks! These were just such odd matches to me that I had to share--I never would have expected any of them.