Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kick back, the radio's playin' our song

I'm starting this post and I still don't know which song to feature. I mean, how do you even begin to pick a standout on an album like this? I know there's some mixed response to it, but all I can say is that I love it. I guess if I really think about it, make a conscious effort to compare and analyze, there's something...hmmm...I'm not sure what the word would be, but I guess there's something different, at least, between the songs on this album and, say, "Midnight Heartache" or "Cry For You" (my favorites from In Orbit, I think, though "Looking For Love" and "It Doesn't Matter" are close contenders as well and the album is so consistent that it's difficult to really choose). Maybe Dancing Shoes feels more like a "good times" album (I wish I could think of the right adjective)? So I think I understand where people are coming from and it'll be interesting to see where I stand in a year. The thing is, though, when I'm listening to Dancing Shoes, I'm enjoying it too much to begin to have thoughts like that.

Start It Up--so I suppose there might be some songs on the album that would be better choices to post, but I just need to rave about something, though I mentioned it yesterday: the "I want it, I need it" part which comes in two-thirds way through the song. I don't like it as much when all the music drops out and that's all we've got, but wow, do I love it as backing vocals. Why have I keyed in on that? No idea, but it's just so lovely, so catchy (and with the main vocal melody being a nice complementary floating thing there), that I sometimes think I listen to the song over and over again just to hear them, and it's probably the reason it's getting posted instead of "Sad Song" or "Taboo," which probably should be here instead (though I have a pretty deep love for "Follow Me" as well at the moment--seriously, pipes! There need to be more pipes in music! [And "Just An Illusion" gets played an awful does--oh, well, everything]). Of course, the song also has numerous other draws--the catchy repeated nonsense syllables and the little electronic riff that accompanies them maybe being the most notable.

Preorder September's third album, Dancing Shoes, here (physical). Really, it's very much worth it.

Next up: a Portuguese group or Australian singer.


Paul said...

i am really enjoying the September album but am too overwhelmed with catchy hooks, melodies and pulsating beats to formulate any decent thoughts on it. Which probably means that it is very good indeed.

Robpop said...

Its interesting-I had the same issue with Raul. But September's new album is just out there. Its too good to be true. For pop lovers like us-its just where to begin. Thats why i loved your reviews. I kind of gave up. Before I started on writing about Raul I started to review the September album but I actually gave up.

Its half-written by the same girls who are in Miss Match. It would be a perfect thing for DSTP to do. I love Carin and Emma! Alas I couldn't do it especially after Jonah (who is no.14 in the Swedish chart-it could be a huge hit!).

You'd like the BottyLuv(as I like to call them) album PosterGirl. Its a real party album that is in the similar vein to Septembers new cd. Every song on Boogie 2Nite is about
getting wrong on the dancefloor podium-and shock its a british album produced by British writers!

Your right about the Spanish eurovision-i didnt fully explain that in the DSTP post. The song was selected and then the acts had to perform the decided song.

However I got my Spanish boyfriend to clarify it for me. Raul didnt enter at all despite the information regarding his performance on youtube saying that he did. He was there simply to perform the song. In other words, being an established singer ruled him out of the competition..........

Michaell said...

hehe everytime I open your site , it's something about September ... me like ;-D - she must have gotten you badly ;-D no wonder - she's great !

Robpop said...

I was officially pretty out of it when I was typing that comment-hahaha.

Sad Song officially sounds like We don't have to take our Clothes Off. Perhaps I am out of it-but I can't stop hearing Clea's cover of the Jermaine Stewart 80's classic.

Poster Girl said...

It is definitely really good, Paul! :) As long as you're enjoying it, being able to say something about it isn't as important.

No, I loved reading it! Is the Booty Luv album good? I've only heard a couple songs from it (all of which I really liked)--I'll have to go listen to some previews! I'm not sure why I haven't earlier. No, I know what you mean by the Jermaine Stewart thing! I've been trying to figure out what it was interpolating or whatever, and the "It ain't a crime to sing a sad song" part does sound like that!

Ha ha--yeah, maybe I'm obsessing a little! ;)