Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So here I am, let me be just what you're looking for

Gah! Could so much good music stop coming out, please? With the BWO and September albums hitting the Internet in the space of a few days, how on Earth am I supposed to get any work done?

(Yes, I know, alternatively I could have just showed some restraint and waited until my physical copies got here, but I couldn't help it.)

All right, so the real reason for this post: have you ever heard an album and on the first listen through, you love it so much that you just absolutely have to let the world know, even if you've really got nothing to say besides repeating the words "love" and "fantastic" about 50 million times? Yeah, that's how I am at the moment. I'm trying to remember when the last time I was this "oh my gosh, I need to talk to someone who'll get what I'm going on about when I rave about this because no one around here is going to get it" was--could it have been the third semifinal of Melodifestivalen?

"Taboo"--I'm addicted. Perfect, catchy, playful.

Plus, "Follow Me"--pipes! Why aren't there more pipes in music? Love love love it.

And "Start It Up"'s opening--complete "OMG" moment for me. Some of the catchiest "duh-duh-duh-duh"s you'll hear in music this year in this song. And oh, those "I want it, I need it"s--I'm in love with this song. Who am I kidding, I'm in love with the whole album.

"Because I Love You"--it's got some guitar strums. And it's so catchy. Very summery and light but not really floaty--it feels anchored, which is a good thing.

"Just An Illusion"--disco! Old school! "So here I am, let me be just what you're looking for" and "what you see is nothing like the real me" this.

"Sad Song"--"it ain't a crime to sing a sad song, one about love, now that it's gone"--handclaps! Handclaps!

Basically, I could do this for every song on the album. I think it actually gets better as it goes along, and I'm not sure how that's possible, given how amazing the songs that open it are. Buy it! Really! Have you bought it yet? You really should.

If I don't end up writing about it tomorrow, the best song of the last five years must've come out, because I'm not sure what else could possibly distract me.

(You haven't preordered the album yet, have you? Go do it!)

(September = Swedish dance-pop artist, if you've never heard of her--and if you've never heard of her, you better go buy her second album, In Orbit, too.)

(Edit: I'm probably the world's worst person for recognizing samples, mainly because I tend to have never heard the song being sampled before, so if anyone wants to step in and point any out, I'd love that.)


Paul said...

oh my gosh are you on a caffeine drive :P? hehe, whatever it is i'm loving it. I've had September sitting around for 24 hours now and not listened to it. What is wrong with me! I will listen to it today. I am falling more and more in love with the BWO album. that's the trouble with reviews i do - i've only had 1 or 2 listens and my views change over time!

Alexander said...

I noticed the album has leaked. I hate it when that happens, especially when Petra needs all sales she can get. I have not downloaded it and I won't do it either. I will patiently wait until it arrives on my door step next week.

I'm glad you're thrilled about it though.

Poster Girl said...

Yes, Paul! The September album is fantastic! I know what you mean about changing your mind--it's difficult, because you want to write when it's still relevant, but can you really say if you'll still have the favorites in a few months?

I used to be so good about waiting until albums came out--I think the Darren Hayes album did me in; I broke down for that and haven't had any sort of restraint lately. I hope it does really well for her--it deserves to.