Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I was only seventeen

Paul, I hope you're happy! One mention of Jon in the comments and now you've reminded me how much I love his music (not that that was ever in question, given how many times I must have written about him since DSTP introduced me to him) and can't stop listening to it. I even had to go pick up some of the songs by him I didn't have (conveniently, all iTunes stores sell his Musikk collaborations "Love Changes (Everything)" [a Climie Fisher cover]" and "Summer Lovin'" and associated remixes and Gucca is now selling some other songs I wanted to get, like "Lidt endnu" and the Musikk remix of "Falling").

Speaking of Jon, I mentioned the documentary about him, his rise to fame, and ensuing troubles (Solo) a while ago and I'm now pretty sure it does have English subtitles (I'm guessing that "Undertekster" means "subtitles"?). I'm still really interested to see it (the reviews on IMDb look good) and when I do, I'll definitely let you know what I think, but I'm trying to hold out in hopes I can convince someone to get it for me as a gift for Christmas. But if I end up buying it now, Paul, it's your fault!

(Question, though: my copies of "Lidt endnu"--legally bought--came with Marco Borsato [a Dutch singer] marked as the artist; it's obviously not him singing, but I'm curious as to if this is just a case of completely mistaken labeling or if he composed the song, or if it's a cover? For some reason, it seems like, given the documentary's topic, they would've wanted to choose some "real" song to release in association with it, and I'm guessing that why it's so different in sound, but I would've expected it to be written by Jon as well. Not that I have anything wrong with it if it is written by someone else, but that's just sort of the "image" I get from what I know of the movie.)

Edit: while I'm writing about artists other blogs have introduced me to, I might as well include a video Robpop showed me once: the music video for Jon's cover of "Popstar."


Robpop said...

That/this is so odd! Guess what i am playing right now? POPSTAR! it trounces all over Sita's version.

I am supposed to go to a Robyn thank you party put on Ms.Carlsson and I can't so i am currently drenching myself in pop tears with excellent Scandic pop music.

Darling have you ever heard the remixes of Popstar? They are stunning. A lot better than the original.

Robpop said...

Theres this version which was posted as part of DSTP's Greatest hits celebration lasty year:

and its very Mika (Before Mika!) and quite Amy Diamond (before she released her second album).

Its also a bit grange hill.

Now your american so you might not know what i am referring


refer to this:

The titles have influenced many a pop song!

Poster Girl said...

No way! That's so weird! I do really like Sita--own both of her albums (ignoring the French one)--but I like Jon's version of "Popstar" better--love that added middle 8/verse thing and I always fall for great male voices, and I love Jon's.

I only had the remix that you all posted on DSTP, but on seeing your comment, I went and got myself the other two :) I'd been toying with it for a little bit.

Eep--sorry to hear about the Robyn thing :( I hope the music helped at least a little!

J'ason D'luv said...

After this kid is finally legal, tell him to come over to Chez D'luv to get a boff 'n' jostle.

Poster Girl said...

Sigh--all my guys this week are sort of looking young--I think I may have see if I can round up any that won't get questioned walking into bars. The question then being do I have any guys in my music collection that actually look like they wouldn't get questioned walking into bars...

Anyhow, Jon's really grown into his looks since his days on Popstars back in 2002--much better now.

Paul said...

haha sorry about that PG - now you know how i feel! though i imagined your "I hope your happy now" as being very Angry Glinda from the start of Defying Gravity :P And you are right, Jon has grown into his popstar looks! one day you must come to england and play "fives" in our local bar - you have to pick which of the first five guys who walk past you would hook up with (though you don't have to really!) but you can't go back and change your mind so if you pick three and four * five are better its tough. Similarly if you wait for number 5 and he is hideously deformed then tough! haha it's very immature but is a lot more fun than it sounds!

Poster Girl said...

I know, this whole "other bloggers costing me money" thing is tough! ;) And yeah, but I better not be the only one playing!