Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nothing gonna stop the way that I feel

Can I just reiterate how amazingly fantastic Dutch singer Jim's "Fenomeen" is? And how thankful I am to PopSound for alerting me to his latest album?

(On checking, that link has expired, but you can listen to a preview here by clicking on the song's title.)

Yes, I know, this must be at least the third time I've mentioned it here, but it's exactly the sort of song I love and would post with incredible enthusiasm if I'd "discovered it" and that would be all over the radios if I ran them--it absolutely has to be a single and has to do well. I guess you'd call it pop-rock, though guitars aren't as prominent as they are in, say, your average McFly song, and it's got other things you might notice first--piano or percussion, for example--so, though I guess it is pop-rock, you don't hear it an instantly think "guitars!" Not that there'd be anything wrong with that. Anyhow, it's super-catchy and I love it. Wikipedia says the next single is "Doe maar gewoon" which is a great song as well (and one I'm really looking forward to hearing a single edit of), but why they'd go with that instead of "Fenomeen," which just seems more instant, catchy (catchy throughout, importantly), and "radio sounding," baffles me. (Just watch "Doe maar gewoon" light up the radios then.)

A b-side turned album track, "Altjid," is excellent as well, more fast electro-poppy than radio-friendly pop-rock.

And, while you're grabbing Jim stuff, get his lovely/fantastic mid-tempo ballad "Tell Her" (his voice really makes the song something special; it's so "aww" worthy in sound and lyrics), which is embedded above (in a video which does, to be honest, feature Jim looking pretty cute) and which introduced me to Jim when Into The Groove posted it, and the more mid-tempo, "edgier" "This Love Is Real from his earlier albums (there's a live video of it here which does nothing to show the song due to the low audio quality but does prove that Jim looks pretty nice with his new close-cut hairstyle as well; I suppose if you actually want to hear the song, you can listen to the same live performance at full length and better quality but from further away here).

(P.S. I'm still in love with that cover art [well, from a distance, at least; I can't make out his facial expression, so final approval is "pending" at the moment]--it's very tempting to try to hunt down a nice physical copy just to have it. "Vrij" means "free," by the way.)


J'ason D'luv said...

I like "Ik Zal Je Laten Gaan"!

Paul said...

there is nothing wrong with a bit of multiple Jim posting. I keep getting him confused with Jon who sang that popstar song. He looks like he is having fun in the water though, but i bet the sandy sea water was a bugger to get out of his jeans,,,

Len said...

I love POPsound blog also, but any idea why no new posts have appeared for the last seven weeks?

Poster Girl said...

J'ason, I never know whether to take you seriously or not ;) That's my second or third favorite (after "Fenomeen" and competing with "Altjid") from what I've heard of the album (i.e., what Popsound posted, but it sounds like their choices were the best tracks), though!

Ooo, now you've made me got listed to the Jon vs Musikk version of "Every Girl I've Ever Wanted"...how I love that song! And a lot of other songs of Jon's as well.

No idea :( I wish I did, and I wish it would come back. I'm still holding out hope, after its earlier return after a break, that it'll be revived. I miss it! It was one of the absolute best blogs for introducing artists no one else was talking about but that everyone should love.

J'ason D'luv said...

I'm serious as cancer when I tell you rhythm is a dancer.

Troy said...

anyone know where i can get Jim's album?

Poster Girl said...

Troy, I know it's on the American iTunes, so my guess is it's on the Canadian one, too--I've been toying with getting it. There's a copy on eBay at the moment, too. His official site has a link to a store as well, though I've never used it before and don't know where it ships to. I could recommend a couple other shops that I've not used before but that I think ship outside of Europe--some are in Dutch but can be translate through Babelfish (Free Record Shop, VanLeest) and others are in English (CD Artline). That's all just to get Vrij, though--I'm not sure of any stores selling physical copies of his earlier albums. If you mean just to send to you, I only have some of the songs, not all of them (though I could send those).

And J'ason, I know you'd never take the lyrics of Snap! songs in vain, so you must be serious!

Troy said...

Hey... Thanks for that! I have a lot of his mp3s but I love him enough that i want a physical copy :P