Thursday, September 13, 2007

365 je prošlo dana

I don't know any more about Saša, Tin i Kedžo than Wikipedia tells me, so I have to assume that they were formed in 2003 as a result of a TV contest, were the first Croatian boy band, and weren't particularly happy about being forced to join the group (this last part comes as no surprise, given some of the stuff they say on the album, even if it supposedly joking). Apparently they released one album before breaking up, though I think they may have competed in Croatia's national final for Eurovision in 2005 before going their separate ways. And yes, like most boy bands, I get the impression they had no credibility, but I've found myself quite liking the following songs.

365--this is really pretty catchy, though, since it's not in English, it might take you a few listens to get used to. It knows when to sprinkle in a dose of "stop-start" rhythm to keep you musically interested, throws in a few sirens for good measure. It's a good entry in the worldwide boy band catalogue, but it's also got a spin to it that doesn't really sound like what we'd get from, say, a U.S. or UK boy band, I think (watch this end up being a cover of some British boy band's song), though I guess I could imagine a German-but-singing-in-English boy band covering it--this version would probably be better, though; it just seems to suit the rhythm of the language better.

Neodoljivo--this is no world-changing song by any stretch, but the chorus is nicely catchy. The song is mid-tempo and I imagine it's supposed to be slightly edgy boy band in sound. There's some nice "ahhh"-ing in the vocals at various points.

I've never used a Croatian music store before, but you could consider using this one if you want to buy Saša, Tin i Kedžo's album Instant (they could also be listed under Saša, Tin & Kedžo or Saša Tin Kedžo, depending on the store).

Next up: Belanova, probably; I just want to get a feel for the album before writing about it.


Paul said...

yay! We are both covering slightly dodgy boybands today. It's like a disease :P

Poster Girl said...

It's in the air!