Friday, September 14, 2007

Y esta calma que rompe el corazón, de esta guerra yo he sido el perdedor

I said last November that "Silencio" was the best track on Spanish singer David Bisbal's latest album Premonición and that I'd write about it soon--well, it's been less than a year, so that counts as "soon," right? It's a little pointless by this point, I suppose, with "Silencio" already having been a hit in several countries and even having spawned a hit Dutch cover version, but it's still my second favorite song from him, after "Ave María," I think, so it's worth sharing anyhow. David was on Operación Triunfo, the TV series that began the whole Fame/Star Academy thing and has been one its most successful contestants despite not winning, even if his sales have dropped with this latest album. In case you haven't heard it before, though, here, from his first album, is "Ave María," which is, in my eyes, a modern classic--incredibly catchy and nothing but pure unadulterated fun. It reminds me a little bit of Ricky Martin when he was still having fun, but all in Spanish, slightly updated, and maybe slightly less cheesy (though still cheesy, and the video's really cheesy--I love cheese, though) because it has absolutely no pretensions about being anything "hip" or other than a great good time song.

Silencio--why David messed about with so many other songs in some countries before releasing this, I'll never understand; it's easily Premonición's highlight. It's just as catchy as "Ave María" but somewhat less "Latin" sounding and with more guitars, or at least more typical guitars. That chorus, though--it's a perfect pop chorus--I really can't get over how catchy it is! The whole song is catchy, actually; even if you don't speak any Spanish, I dare you not to be singing along with the chorus after one listen ("Ave María" only slightly edges it out in the contest to be my favorite because after one listen to that, not only are you singing along, you're fighting the urge to dance along as well). Not many songs about the silence that remains after the end of a relationship will leave you feeling this good.

To buy David Bisbal's third studio album, Premonición, go here (physical) or here (digital) or visit iTunes.

Next up: maybe Belanova.

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