Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time is on my side

A la request, we have Molly Sandén and Ola and Ladybird today. To begin with: Molly and Ola. Molly Sandén is a Swedish singer who took third in the 2006 Junior Eurovision, breaking Sweden out of three consecutive fifteenth places. She's also duetted with Magnus Carlsson on his most recent Christmas album. I think I remember reading an article about someone being upset that age restrictions mean she won't be able to compete in this coming year's Melodifestivalen, but even if she can't compete next year, I'll be interested to hear more from her in the future. Ola Svensson took eighth in the second season of Idol (the same one Agnes Carlsson, Sebastian Karlsson, and Måns Zelmerlöw were in) and is going to be releasing his second album pretty soon. Disney seems to be having lots of different pairs record "You Are The Music In Me" so that they can have a version in a language for each country High School Musical 2 is released in, and Molly and Ola were the two people chosen to record the Swedish version.

Du är musiken i mig (You Are The Music In Me)

(Posted only for a little bit since it's a new single.)

Latvian singer Ladybird has released two albums so far, switching back and forth between an "old school" pop sound a more dance-pop sound. "Destiny" comes from her second album, 5 Moods. The writers are Swedish, but the producers are Boyza II, who are Latvian.


You can buy Molly Sandén and Ola's single "Du är musiken i mig" here (physical) or here (digital) and Ladybird's album 5 Moods here (digital).

Next up: maybe an American group.


moai13 said...

Happy to find again Ladybird on this blog, I'm a fan!
However, it seems there's a little mistake because "Destiny" is annonced but "Delight" is played !
Anyway, delight is my fafourite song on her album ! but are you posting destiny ou great friend soon ?

Poster Girl said...

Oops! Ha ha, sorry about that! Here's "Destiny", and "Great Friend" as well.

Moai13 said...

Thank you very muck !
Now i am looking for some songs from her debut album Nightvision.