Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Each and every step I take leads me back to you

OK, so maybe I'm getting a little too excited about Ola Svensson's new album.

My most recent thing to wonder about is news from Spinlane (who apparently wrote "Till The End" on Given To Fly); I'd noticed earlier (though long after October, when the news was posted) that they reported that they, along with Thomas Ahlstrand, were working on songs for Ola's new album, but only just noticed that they mentioned that Richard Darell (one of Spinlane's founders) wrote two songs for the album, one of which "will be the theme song for a movie due out in 2007 called Puskas - The Legend." I don't have any idea of what to make of this news, considering Google brings up multiple movies with that title but none of which seem to fit (probably a reference to a Hungarian football/soccer player, though). Still happening? Already happened? A joke? I have no idea.

Really, even if it's happening, it doesn't tell us anything, but I'm currently at the "any information will do" stage (which isn't being helped by me relistening to his album and realizing that I underrated a lot of the songs on it).


Len said...

I found this on imdb. PUSKAS - THE LEGEND OF THE MAGICAL MAGYAR, a documentary drama relased in Hungary April 1, 2007. The information is available at

Poster Girl said...

Interesting...hmmm...2007 is right--I wonder if it's scheduled for a wider release? It seems so random!

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