Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Please don't make the same mistakes I did

Oh no!

Please tell me the fact that Måns Zelmerlöw has "Maniac" on a compilation of a bunch of hits (Absolute Music 55) doesn't mean that it's the next single!

...maybe they just threw it on there since he's performed it so much?*

Am I wrong, or is he still singing "I'm just a steel-town girl on a Saturday night"? Can someone please tell me why no one, during the writing down of the lyrics, the album's recording, when they were previewing it for execs, or before he performed it on live TV months later, bothered to mention it? If he needs someone to meet with to go over English language lyrics before going on, I'm sure I can think of loads of people who'd volunteer...and, uh, maybe someone to handle wardrobe, too, given that shirt. So verdict is yes, I'm wrong; shouldn't be surprised that I need my hearing checked. Sorry! :(

I stop paying attention to you for a few minutes, Måns, and this is what happens? If there's another single, there's no way it should be "Maniac" (though, maybe differently from most people, I like his version; I'm sorry, but I think I just like the song enough that as long as you do a half-decent job, I'll enjoy it)? I really love "Brother Oh Brother," but now I'm almost leaning towards "Miss America" as a single choice. Not "Maniac," though.

And, while we're discussing Swedish Idol contestants, Ola's version of "You Are The Music In Me" from High School Musical with Molly Sandén is out now. I'd rather have a taste of the record itself, but if you've ever wanted to hear what it would sound like if someone who finished third in Junior Eurovision and someone who finished eighth in Swedish Idol sang a song from a Disney Channel musical, now you can.

*or is he performing it so much because it's the next single? Eep!


Len said...

I think "Dreaming", "Miss America", "Paradise" or "Lively Up Your Monday" would all be better singles than "Maniac". After hearing Måns speak English flawlessly on radio interviews, I find it almost inexplicable that he managed to make such a silly mistake on the "Maniac" lyrics. What IS that about?

Poster Girl said...

You've nailed it exactly--it's not that I expect everyone to be able to speak flawless English, but I've heard him speak it before (in an interview on YouTube), and he's good--so how it happened completely baffles me. And I get the impression English is spoken--and spoken really really well--by a lot of Swedes. I don't know why they would have deliberately done it, though...I mean, it's not as if it's like that way in the Michael Sembello version, and it immediately switches to third person after that.

And I'm surprised but pleased to see your list of other choices--I really really like "Lively Up Your Monday" and "Dreaming" and "Paradise" a little less (I think I rate "Please Me" higher than the latter and maybe the middle, in terms of personal favorites), but I wasn't sure if many people agreed.

Anonymous said...

I'm really liking that ola song! any idea where i could find a download?

EuropeCrazy said...

"Maniac" should not be the next single, not when there's such good tracks as "Please Me", "Miss America" and "Lively Up Your Monday" which are my three favourites on the album. In fact, "Maniac" is probably the song I play the least because it's a cover version and I've heard the original too many times over the years!

Alexander said...

He's not singing "I'm" - please pay attention.

Melodimen said...

Agree with the comments about better singles. Perhaps it is to be released because it is a cover? Then again so is "Miss America", but surely Freddie would enjoy the royalties of a release!

We'd go for "Dreaming", perhaps it could be the single after next!

We can't hear the "I'm" either? Doesn't he just start with a very rushed "Just"?

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, I do have it! I'll see if I can post later today--if not, I'll just put it in the comments section.

I'm probably wrong about the "I'm", here, then. Sorry, guys :(

But yes, I agree that there are a lot better singles.