Monday, August 20, 2007

Jag är ensam, trasig, farlig

Swedish singer Martin Stenmarck's new single "100 år från nu (blundar)" comes out September 12 (though he's already debuted it) and his new album Det är så pojkar gör när kärleken dör comes out November 7. In celebration (well, hopefully I'll be celebrating when I hear it), here's a post about him I've been meaning to do for a while.

Martin Stenmarck seems intent on making me less and less interested in his music career. Fantastic radio-friendly (even if radios didn't realize it) debut album with a bunch of catchy uptempo pop-rock songs? Well, let's slow it down, make it even more MOR and even more ballady and sentimental for the second album and reuse one of the debut's weakest tracks. That wasn't enough? Heck, let's throw a Las Vegas pastiche on the re-edition. Third album time? I know! Let's recycle a previous single from that first album--but in Swedish this time! And let's make the two biggest hits duller than any of the singles from the first album! Good plan!

And yet, I can't let go and wouldn't want to. He keeps taunting me--I didn't initially think much of megahit "7milakliv" (though my opinion of it has improved a lot by now), but they gave me a brill remix just to show what could have been. And threw "Han är galen," one of his most fun tracks ever, on the album. Plus, much as I just brushed off his second album, I'd be a fool to say it didn't have its gems--I really love "That's When I Love You" and "19 Something"--and that it hasn't grown to be something I love.

Plus, he's still got that voice perfect for this style of music and that talented songwriter brother...

Han är galen--given that we can't really expect Martin to go back to his first album or second album sound, I'd at least like to see some more songs like this on his new album--or at least fewer ballads. Like "7milakliv," piano is prominent, but beyond that, they couldn't be more different (well, they could, but whatever). "Han är galen" is more upbeat, more "thowback" sounding--maybe that comes from the horns?--and even has gospel-style backing vocals. It's just such a fun track--certainly not as "pure pop" as some things I've posted, but no less good for that.

To buy Martin Stenmarck's album 9 Sanningar Och En Lögn, go here (physical). I very much recommend picking up his debut album One as long as you don't hate guitars and even grabbing "That's When I Love You" and "19 Something" from Think Of Me, which is available on iTunes stores throughout the world.

(By the way, before anyone starts thinking I really dislike Martin, you should check out some of my earlier posts on him. Even the songs I'm not so fond of are generally pretty good--I just have high standards for him [and sometimes the songs have had to grow on me]. Anyone who chooses to cover Boris's "When You Think Of Me"--even if his voice doesn't have that rough edge that Boris's does and that fits the song so perfectly--clearly has good taste in music. I could post good songs by him for weeks on end...every time I write about him, I can barely restrain myself from posting a bunch more songs by him--if I went any past one at a time [and choosing that one is always difficult], I'd never be able to stop.)

Next up: an Israeli singer, I think.


Resa said...

I own Martin's "One" album and absolutely love it. I haven't gotten his third album yet, but I'll definitely have to check it out. The first song of his I heard was that horrid but awesomely cheesy "Las Vegas".

Actually, Mark Wills (American Country Singer) was the original performer of "When you think of me". But Boris definitely improved on it by miles!

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, really? Interesting! Now that you say it, I can definitely imagine it as a country song--it's not very far away from that at all. That officially makes Aleksander With's "A Little Too Perfect" my favorite original Idol winner debut single...but if anyone knows suggestions to replace that or if that's a cover too, it's you ;)

I actually don't hate "Las Vegas" as much as a lot of people do, probably because I wasn't paying attention to Melodifestivalen when it won.

I'm not totally sold on the third album album yet, at least not in its entirety--I'd definitely say it's a "preview" before you buy sort of album.

Resa said...

I don't know how you feel about Croatian music, but Žanamari (Croatian Idol 1 winner)'s debut/winning song, "Treba Mi Snage Za Kraj" is a good one. I can send it over to you, if you'd like. :D

Paul said...

i think i am having the same relationship with Gareth Gates third album for the very same reason. It's just so disappointing. And I fear that BWO may go the same way, though some of the song titles for album 3 look AMAZING>..

Poster Girl said...

I'd love that, yeah, thanks! :)

...awful confession: I still haven't bought that Gareth album. I can't believe that.

Rachel said...

I can't say I'm too impressed with Mr Stenmarck either,and I only have his first album.Apart from 19 Something,which is a fabulous little tune,I find all the others a bit boring...but maybe I should just listen to them a bit more.
And as far as I know,there is officially no better Idol winners song than A Little Too Perfect :)

Poster Girl said...

Ohh, it's suchhh (can I spell it like that? does that even make sense?) a good song--I almost commented on it when you wrote about it, but my comment basically would have consisted of "Oh my gosh, I LOVE this song!", which isn't the most substantial of comments ;)

Anonymous said...

Martin Stenmarck is the best!
I think Sweden is lucky to have a singer like Martin!
He has got wonderful voice and great music!
He was the nummber one in Eurovision 2005!
His song "Las Vegas" is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!