Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jag blundar

Are you kidding me, Martin Stenmarck? A lead single I love instantly? And that's actually less rock than before? Electronic touches? That are cute, no less? But still with guitars and that big catchy pop-rock-friendly chorus?

What is it sampling? Or maybe nothing and it just reminds me of something?

I don't expect this to be quite as big a hit as his last album's lead single--I can definitely imagine some fans of "7milakliv" feeling like this is a let down, since it's perhaps not as distinctive and epic-sounding, but this is the sort of thing that wins me over instantly. And a perfect direction for him. Please let it at least do OK...

Anyhow, here's a horribly low quality radio rip, just in case anyone else is as curious as I was to hear it.

100 år från nu (blundar) (Low Quality Radio Rip)

Consider my fears assuaged, then.

You can pre-order Martin Stenmarck's new single, "100 år från nu (blundar)," here (physical) or the album from which it comes, Det Är Så Pojkar Gör När Kärleken Dör, here (physical); the single is due out September 12 and the album November 7.

(My second "fear": is it a cover?)

Posted for only a little bit, as is usual.

Oh, and added when I noticed it at the last minute: him performing it live:

For what it's worth, though he's a good performer, I definitely like the studio arrangement much better, at least based on the low audio quality I heard.

Edit: you know how yesterday I was hoping he'd follow the pattern of "Han är galen"? Well, he hasn't--he's done something even better, that I didn't think he'd ever do--if anything, this song is closest to the Bassflow remix of "7milakliv"--not identical, but it's closer to that than anything else from this past album.


Paul said...

um, on an unrelated note > you STILL haven't bought Gareth's album?!?!?!

I am agog I am aghast....

(it's not very good though. Save your pennies. Cents?)

Anonymous said...

Interesting new song, you know I LOVE (the remix of) "7milakliv"
I think the new one needs a few listens, but still pretty good already

Thanks for your blog


Alexander said...

Um, this is probably the Rix Fm Radio Edit, so the original version is probably more rockier, a bit like the version he performed on Sommarkrysset (which I prefer.)

I fell for the song instantly, I love the melody. And it is not a cover! :)

Poster Girl said...

I know! Who would've thought...

No problem

That makes sense--Rix always seems to play the remix of "7milakliv," too--the melody is great either way, though! And good ;)

Robpop said...

Unrelated note (sorry, paul did it-i followed!)



Its not a song to be listened to. Its a song for dancing to. Now my health is poor but i attended a "midparty" and I was asked to provide some tunes. The "midparty" turned into a huge east london party. I was back before the ten o'clock news with my hot chocolate but i did notice the wild reaction to Chemistry as i left.

Its an amazing song. It flies when its in a club.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, I bet it's great for dancing! And, not that you have to love everything I like, but I'm glad your opinion of it has improved :)

And get better!

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks for letting us hear Martin's new song - only heard it once and and I'm hooked already. Good to hear him doing something uptempo as I'm not too keen on the ballads either, although I do like "7milakliv". Loving your blog, keep up the good work!! :-))

Poster Girl said...

Oh, good! I think I really like "7milakliv" now as well--give me another year, and I'll probably like it even more than the remix ;) And thanks!