Sunday, August 19, 2007

Adesso non ho più il tempo

It's no secret that I've been coveting more music from Nyco since I first heard his debut single last May--in particular, Maxime Desprez's remix of "Parlami d'amore." Having finally got the album, I'm glad to say the remix doesn't disappoint, though, in addition to lead single "Dimmi Perché," the original version of "Parlami d'Amore" and "Paura" are great as well. Nyco, as mentioned earlier, is the younger brother of Nouvelle Star (the French version of Pop Idol) winner contestant Pierrick Lilliu; though I think he's spent most of his life in France (and that's where he's releasing music at the moment), he's part Italian and, on his debut album, sings in Italian.

Rmix Parlami d'Amore--yes, that really is how it is labeled on the album, as informal as that looks. Anyhow, though the original is a good catchy mid-tempo song with more of the hints of electro mixed in with acoustic guitars that "Dimmi Perché" promised, I love what this remix does to the song; it ups the tempo and makes it a little more dance-friendly. The bleepy electro touches of the original are replaced by swooshing wave-like electronic sweeps and backing "ahh-ahhh"s. I like that it keeps the spirit of the original, though--or maybe what I mean is it doesn't feel like a non-dance song that's been remixed into something it's not. Though the remix of "Dimmi perché" is good, it has a little more of that--it simultaneously just feels like almost any dance song and as if it's been remixed just for the sake of having a dance version, not for the sake of improving the original.

To buy Nyco's debut album Dimmi Perché..., go here (physical).

Next up: an American group, I think.


Anonymous said...

Be careful, Pierrick was the runner-up in the show ;-)
This is Myriam (Abel) who won but who had very moderate success with a quite disappointed album :(
Her live performances remain among the best i've ever heard though!!
Like "Think", "I'm so excited", "Left outside alone", "I'm outta love", "All by myself" (i was on stage for this one, so amazing!!!!!) and some french songs too: "Vivre ou survivre", "J'irai où tu iras" (from Céline Dion)

You should listen to Christophe Willem, winner of the next season in 2006, a great album!! :D


Poster Girl said...

Oops--fixed, thanks! That's what I get for trying to go off of memory ;) I'll definitely check out some of her live performances!

I've heard Christophe's "Double je (remix)" and "Kiss The Bride," both of which I love, so his album is definitely on my to-get list. I sometimes wish American Idol would give us some more singers like him...

Paul said...

i'm catching up on all your ace posts and loving it so far. As always. Did you know Pacific Avenue seem to be trawling their way around Europe recording with idol winners... see my post on monday for further details!

Len said...

I second the recommendation about Christophe Willem. Of the songs on the album, besides the ones you've heard and liked, "Elu Produit de L'Annee" is a great fun upbeat pop song about being discovered, packaged and sold as this year's new product then having to make way for the next year's sensation.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to know: do you have French roots or are you just curious about French music? I'm asking because i'm quite surprise to see someone interested in this kind of music outside France (for your information, i'm French!) :p

I can suggest you some nice singers if you want ;-)

Poster Girl said...

No, I didn't--at least, not until I read your post today ;) Good for them, though!

That sounds great! And given that he's such a great popstar/pop singer, I love that topic, too...

No, no French roots (though I'd love to say I did)--and I'd love recommendations! :) I really don't know that many French singers at all.