Saturday, August 18, 2007

Don't need psychology with this biology

Normally I'd just wait until tomorrow to post this, but since my earlier post today was one that you either had no interest in or already knew the songs, I'm doing this one, too. Swedish singer Velvet has released one album so far; it included songs like her cover of "Rock Down To (Electric Avenue)" and Melodifestivalen entry "Mi Amore." Earlier this year, she released another single, the great "Fix Me," dance pop with one of those big swooping stompy choruses. As I just mentioned, her latest single, "Chemistry," comes out August 29 and a new album--which I cannot wait to get, given the style of her past two singles--comes out this winter.

Chemistry--at the first few listens, I don't think this is quite as good as "Fix Me," but let's be honest: though I loved "Fix Me" from the first time I heard it, I didn't realize how truly excellent it was for a little while, and "Chemistry" in all likelihood will end up being only slightly behind "Fix Me" in my hypothetical year end list of the best songs of 2007. "Chemistry" doesn't deviate that much from the template established by "Fix Me," though there are some electronic horn-esque sounds and we do get strings, though more in the background than those in other songs I've recently mentioned. In short, it's really, really good. Very danceable.

To preorder Velvet's "Chemistry," go here (physical).

Since this is a new single, it'll only be posted for a little bit.

Next up: an American or Swedish group or a French or Israeli singer.


Michaell said...

since I'm getting more&more addicted to all this blogging stuff, I thought that despite being back home like a minute ago I got to have a quick look to whats new: Velvet's on every pop festival in poland,every radio show, 'Fix Me' is like everywhere and I'm liking it lots,+ 'Chemistry' is also good and sure gonna be another radio hit for VElvet,whats her real name anyway? oh lolx really dislike 'elctric avenue' its not even half as good as 'mi amore' etc

Robpop said...

Wow. It could be on Clea's Trinity album and this a good thing. Its shocking its leaked so early on. But perhaps thats the record companys' prerogative. Its got a lot more going for it than BwO. Oddly it reminds me of Lola's Theme which leads me to think its slightly dated. Thing is, it could be on Velvets amazing debut album and this suggests that they ain't pushing the envelop or developing the sound. It isnt a complaint as such but despite a pop lover like myself both bWo and Velvet are sounding a bit samey. Naturally I'll lap it all up as the whore that i am but I sort of wish they'd take a risk. Other Swedish pop acts doing it (namely Isabel Guzman, b-tween, Miss Match and of course Robyn).

Thing Chemistry catchy? Its certainly anthemic and you can dance to it. I know a lot of individuals who'll say it doesn't go anyway or rather it doesnt go anywhere. Ironically, despite being called Chemistry its devoid of any pop chemistry and this pains me cos i am a huge fan of Velvet's first album. Its a great record but its oddly lacking. I know why-its because we've been treated to such a high grade of pop from Sweden in the past two years (actually set in part by Velvets debut album!) we've come to desire more.

Its as if BwO+September+Velvet set such a high standard of great pop music months ago that now they are fighting with their earlier work as its so mighty that its swallowing up anything new they produce. XOlondon recently said "BwO has devolved into making ten cent tunes. Really, really cheap music, recycled beats. Blech."

And its a sentiment I've thought myself. Its not really an attack against Velvet (et al) but a celebration of how great the Swedish music scene is and how fast moving its become. So fast in fact that its catching out even the acts that set pace in the first place.

Poster Girl said...

I completely agree on "Electric Avenue"! And it's great to hear she's doing well--"Fix Me" is the sort of song that should bring her international success (though she might have already had it--I'm not sure). Her real name is Jenny Petterson, I think. And ooo--I hope you're having fun!

Do you know, I think I know what you mean by questioning whether or not "Chemistry" is catchy--at the very least, I think those horn-like effects and the strings are. And I like "Fix Me" and "Chemistry" much, much more than "Rock Down To (Electric Avenue)" and "Don't Stop Movin'," which makes me really excited about this next album!

Michaell said...


Poster Girl said...

Ha ha ha! Oh no! I refuse to pay for rehab, though ;)