Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm losing my mind, can't you see what you mean to me

News that's apparently a month old but new to me: Swedish singer Velvet is releasing "Chemistry," the follow up to "Fix Me" (which, in the light of the months that have passed, is one of the year's best dance pop songs so far) on August 29 and her second album this winter! And it looks like the single is already getting played on radios!

Credit to Publispain for the heads-up and here and here for the dates and so on.

This is looking to be a great month or so for Swedish music: albums from September and BWO, hopefully something from Ola (at least at some point in the fall--and no, that High School Musical thing with Molly Sandén doesn't count), and I know Da Buzz was supposed to release an album in the fall at some point (oh, apparently "Baby, Listen To Me" will be their next single in Sweden as well), and probably people I'm forgetting at the moment and later won't be able to believe I forgot.

Edit: just heard it, and it's totally post-worthy--give me a bit...

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