Saturday, August 18, 2007

Life keeps getting in the way

(If you're worried about spoilers, there should be no more than what you'd be able to discern from looking at the track titles.)

I didn't catch the original High School Musical until something like a year after it debuted, but last night, I watched the debut of High School Musical 2. I know, a few days ago, I'm questioning writing about things when others have already done doing a great job doing so, and what am I doing now? Writing about High School Musical 2! Before you read further here, I recommend reading Adem (I was definitely glancing at the clock with Adem's time marks in mind) and Paul's reviews of it. I won't get into what I thought of the whole thing here, but I am going to share my two favorite songs--pointless, considering anyone with any interest has already downloaded them or bought the soundtrack? Probably yes, but I just want to get the opportunity to talk about them. Funnily enough, the two songs I think Paul is alluding to when discussing the slower parts of the movie were my two favorites: "Gotta Go My Own Way" and "Bet On It."

Gotta Go My Own Way--after having nothing much to do beyond swan about in the background and hang off Zac's arm, Vanessa comes out of nowhere to finally deliver what has to be one of the movie's best songs--if her debut album had been full of songs like this and "Make You Mine" (which is all sorts of fantastic--surely one of the year's [well, technically last year's, I guess] most adorable and poppy songs; I have Into The Groove to thank for introducing me to it, and I'm so glad I know it now--definitely seek it out if you haven't heard it), I would have bought it. It's one of those songs that is completely solid outside of the context of a musical ("Stick To The Status Quo," for example, is fantastic, but all those asides mean it doesn't sound like commercial pop; "Gotta Go My Own Way" does). It's a cute but sad mid-tempo "I'm leaving you" ballad. And the little interjections from Zac by the time we get two-thirds through the song are welcome additions as well.

Bet On It--good "edgy" one man boy band song (from the mid-'90's to 2000), but boy, is it hard to listen to without envisioning Zac's completely ridiculous antics during this scene. Awkward, awkward, awkward, and that's coming from someone who loves boy bands and dance routines. If Zac suddenly goes all Lindsey Lohan, I will entirely blame him watching this scene back and realizing what he looks like during it. Oh, and this song is co-written by someone I think I'll be featuring in the near future.

I also quite like Vanessa and Zac's duet "You Are The Music In Me."

To buy the soundtrack for High School Musical 2, go here (physical) or here (digital). It's also available on iTunes.

Next up: maybe a French singer or American group...or a Swedish one.

Edit: ...and the last review I've been waiting to hear just came in: Chart Rigger's. Definitely worth checking out.


Dinah said...

I watched it today, and have had most of the songs in my head for the last few hours. I really liked "I Don't Dance," which was probably the standout for me. The choreography and staging for "Bet on It" was so ridiculous - I had no idea it was actually such a strong song!

J'ason D'luv said...

"Bet On It" is my fave, but I'm also with Dinah in that "I Don't Dance" is a close second. Would have commented on this sooner here, but I'm San Diego... The soundtrack is pretty good... I couldn't tell from your comments on on mine, though, if you didn't like the soundtrack as much, or if you just thought the movie was equally as good as the soundtrack. Obviously, I felt the soundtrack was miles ahead of the movie. It might take a few viewings of it to grow on me, but the first one I loved instantly.

And the word verification is "KisMe"... you little tart!

Poster Girl said...

It (Zac's scene) really was--I have no idea what they were thinking! And any song that lends itself to mass group dance routines gets the approval from me.

J'ason, you know it.

Oh, and about High School Musical: I think it helps that, though I really really enjoyed the first one, I didn't love it quite as much as you, so maybe my expectations weren't quite as high. I think there are one or two skipworthy songs on the soundtrack, but I do think it's better than the movie, which started off too slowly for me. I had another problem as well: I like the sound of some songs more in the recorded version on the CD than actually on TV--I'm not sure how that's possible, but it's as if the quality wasn't there or something--I couldn't hear some words as well. Maybe my headphones have better sound than the TV speakers? Anyway, with the sound not as good, it was difficult to get into some of the earlier songs' scenes as much. I still enjoyed it and would watch it again, though!

J'ason D'luv said...

No, it's not your speakers... that happens a lot. Actually, it was the complete opposite with the first one... there are some spoken parts in the middle of songs that you can make out what they're saying when you watch the movie, but on the actual soundtrack the volume is way lower for the talking parts than the singing... particularly in "Stick To The Status Quo."