Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jag fyllde mina dagar med nått som kallas ensamhet

It's been a whole five days since I posted something Swedish, which means it's probably time for me to post something from the homeland of pop again. I know I've written about Barbados, the dansband that both Magnus Carlsson and Mathias Holmgren have fronted at various points, once before, posting "Bye Bye," but, though I'm certainly no expert on them, I know enough to know that featuring just one of their songs isn't enough. The group seems to be cycling through a lot of singers since Magnus Carlsson left--Mathias got kicked out after one album and Chris Lindh left after one album as well, not too long after keyboardist Mattias Berggren left. They've got a new singer now, Björn Lagerström, with whom they've released one single so far, the Thomas G:son-penned "Tid att gå vidare." I just got their album with Chris Lindh (and Mattias still), Stolt, recently, and I really like it--it's definitely worth picking up if you have an interest in this type of sound.

Du Lärde Mig Kärlek--I love how the chorus of this is so catchy in an unusual way--I'm not sure that I can get it across in words, but the rhythm and structure is just not what you'd expect for a pop chorus--you sort of expect it to explode more in your face, but it doesn't, hooking you in instead with how it bounces around. It's super-singalongable, but I guess part of the uniqueness of the chorus comes from its willingness to pause the vocals for a few moments and give the being catchy work over to the guitars. It's upbeat, it's smile-inducing, and it's catchy--what more could you want in a song?

To buy Barbados's album Stolt, go here (physical).

Next up: I was so close to posting about Shayne Ward today, so maybe that'll happen tomorrow.

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