Saturday, August 25, 2007

They say don't waste your time; they're obviously blind provides hours of entertainment. I'm trying not to get addicted to just messing around on it, but it's hard when I get such a kick out of just reading, say, the Click Five comments. A selection:

"The new album made my ears bleed. Yet somehow I'll end up listening to it inevitably."

"They have many songs better than Just the Girl. Just fyi to the 3000 people that have only listened to that one song." [6,000+ people have listened to "Just The Girl," while 3,000-some people have listened to the second most played track, "Catch Your Wave"]

"The Click Five without Eric Dill is like Queen without Freddy Mercury.."

"that side fringe really annoys me"

"Why? You think it's too emo?"

and some mild debate about Eric versus Kyle.

Though McFly's latest album is better than the Click Five's latest album,, the Click Five definitely win out.

(Oh, and speaking of McFly, I haven't mentioned yet that they have a greatest hits album coming out this November, preceded by a new single called "The Heart Never Lies" [that title is not promising...]--apparently you can listen to some live versions on YouTube, but I've deliberately avoided doing so. They've got a cover of The Jam's "Town Called Malice" on a Radio 1 compilation album coming out soon, too.)

(Another "oh": I'm listening to "All I Need Is You" right now, and it's really very good.)

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