Sunday, August 26, 2007

But I remember when we were invincible

I'd missed noticing until now that Ola Svensson's new album (due out September 12) is called Good Enough.

That's a very...brave name to give an album.

Still, it cannot get here soon enough.


Kevin said...

Perhaps it's a cover of the great "Good Enough" by Dodgy. His cover of "Natalie" wasn't that hot... rather useless actually.

moai13 said...

I love scandinavian pop music, so do you have some other songs from the latvian singer ladybird as "delight, destiny, great friend, praize, nightvision..." ?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear it yay

EuropeCrazy said...

Hadn't really taken much notice of Ola until "Natalie" but now I'm looking forward to the new album.

Poster Girl said...

The world probably didn't need that cover, given how great the original ways, but I don't mind its existence--it's nice to have in both forms and I'm glad it was famous somehow (and that ToNi got some money off of it)--but I think what's most exciting to me is the possibility that the album will be filled with songs in a similar direction and hopefully of similar quality. He's really setting himself up with the critics, though, isn't he?

I've got both of her albums, so yup, I've got those songs :) I can try to feature Ladybird again at some point if you want!

I'm really excited, too! :)

"Natalie" is so great. His first album does have some nice little pop songs on it, too; though I wouldn't say it's world-changing or even necessarily hugely consistent, I'm glad I own it. Wouldn't say you should bump it to the top of your to get list ever, though ;)