Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What can I say, I'm not OK

Some songs manage to capture everything that you love about music. Today's song is one of them. Lithuanian singer Artas has tried at least three times to represent Lithuania at Eurovision, but he's never been successful. Before that, he'd released some songs in Lithuanian, but what I know of his work since his national final entries is in English (and is in a different style), though my knowledge is scarce. He's also apparently released an album that I'd buy in a heartbeat if I knew literally anywhere selling it.

Today's song comes from 2005 and is one of his national final entries (it took sixth, which is good considering it was up against nineteen other songs, but it should have done much better). The original version of "All I Know" was adorable, poppy with a little acoustic guitar influence, perhaps a little rough around the edges but lovable in every way, maybe even more so because of that--it feels all the more real because of it and becomes even more endearing. The summer mix, though, polishes it into...well, perfection.

All I Know (Summer Mix)--as I said, the original has attributes of its own that make it very much worth seeking out (the live version is embedded above); it can't fail to leave you feeling uplifted. This version, though, is a shining shimmering pop song that I wouldn't change a single thing about. The hints of acousticness are gone, replaced by a light dance beat. It'd be perfect for the beach, but much more than that as well. Sometimes the best pop songs are the simple ones that leave you smiling--this is one of them.

I'm not actually sure where you can buy any of Artas's work (recommendations?) beyond through compilation albums which I think you can pick up from here (this mix can be found on an album purchasable here). Even though "Wonder Who Loves You" isn't as good as "All I Know" or "Losing You," if anyone else has more than this song, the original version of it, and "Losing You" (which is pretty great as well) by him, I'd love to hear it. The most recent news I know in regards to him is that he was supposed to participate in Lithuania's national final in 2007 and then was late for the jury and then dropped out.

Next up: maybe an Australian singer.


Paul said...

Nice tunes. I like his black shirt in the pic. I do not like the buzzed bit of his fring/bangs though, although if he strutted it, i suppose he could carry it off with popstar confidence, and in the end that's all that matters...

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, questionable styling, but I really like the song, so I forgive it :)