Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If only you would listen better

The most exciting news I heard today: Danny (Saucedo, the Swedish Idol contestant turned great dance pop singer) will be releasing "If Only You" as his next single...as a duet with Therese Grankvist (of Drömhus, solo career, and Melodifestivalen entry with the Attic)! The original version of the song, with just Danny singing, is on the album, but I can't wait to hear the new version--it should make for a great duet. It'll be performed for the first time this Saturday and goes to radio next week.

News via Popknark at the Popjustice Forums, but you can read also read it as Danny's official site.


Paul said...

i actually really love the Danny album now, and that sergey one, both tres bon. The duet should be fun - i'm sure i'll check back here to see what you think too ;)

Daniel Stevens said...

Hey, I found this place through DontStopThePop.

I am trying to read your entire blog and its archives without getting to distracted from my work. I didn't realise there was so much good pop music out there. We are fed so little on the radio. Both yourself and DSTP are making pop a fun place again. When I finish work this evening i am gonna go online and track down some of these cd's through the shops you've recommended.

I don't think I've bought a Cd in ages. Probably because I didn't think there was much to buy in the first place. For Swedish products what you you recommend?


P.s thanks again-your blogs are brilliant! Keep it up

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, it's great to hear that, Paul! I'm enjoying it as well, and thrilled that he's having such success.

Aww, ha ha, thanks! And I completely know what you mean about the radio. Do you mean places to buy from (I generally use Megastore if Amazon doesn't have it or is insanely expensive--see the column over on the right; I know CD Wow sells some Swedish products and a lot of people use it, but I think I've heard that it's having some lawsuit problems...if you live somewhere in Europe, CD On is really good)? Or CDs to start with? If it's the latter, what a question! Ummm...if we're sticking with English language stuff and without knowing your taste, I'd recommend Alcazar's album Alcazarized (modern disco-pop--you should be able to find a lot of videos on YouTube to hear some of the songs; the only trouble is choosing whether you want the Swedish edition with the black cover or European edition with a red cover--I'd tentatively recommend the Swedish edition, but then picking up the European edition-only track from a digital music service; both editions have tracks unique to them), Bodies Without Organs' (also known as BWO) album Prototype (I don't even know what to say they sound like--somewhat electronic Europop? You should be able to listen to the singles from it on YouTube, too), and September's album In Orbit (dance music with pop sensibilities; she's/they've got videos on YouTube, too, if you use Wikipedia to find out the names of the singles). And I know it's a little older, but the A*Teens made some great Swedish teen pop that deserved better than the comparatively small and teen-oriented audience it got in the U.S.--their greatest hits might be a good way to start, if you're interested in them at all. I could go on ;) or maybe give better recommendations if you let me know what you think from previews. Da Buzz (dance pop) and Robyn (just great pop in general--her lastest album Robyn is generally seen as her best; "Be Mine" is a fantastic song and "With Every Heartbeat" excitingly looks set to do well in the UK this and next week) are great and also do English language music; I have a real soft spot for Linda Bengtzing as well--songs like "Alla Flickor" transcend the need to speak Swedish. I know a lot of people that love Lena Philipsson's album Det gör ont en stund på natten men inget på dan as well.

(I don't know if you use iTunes, but if you switch your store to Sweden, you won't be able to buy anything, but you will be able to listen to preview clips of all these songs.)

Umm...I got a little carried away there! Sorry about that :)

Poster Girl said...

Oh, and P.S., I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Stand By For, Måns Zelmerlöw's album--"Cara Mia" has to be one of the year's anthems so far and the album, though not perfect, does a great job of straddling dance-pop, pop pop, and pop with guitars.