Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sun beating down, I'm spinning around

I was going to avoid writing about Leah Haywood again or at least wait a while since, with just one album, there are only so many times I can post songs without ruining any reason anyone might have to buy it. Having heard the whole thing since I last wrote about her, though, I can't help it--I've been listening to it a lot. As brief background, Leah is Australian, though now based in the U.S., I think, and doing some behind-the-scenes work in music. She released several singles and an album back around 2000 and 2001, which I guess were characterized by a slightly grown up teen pop sound with some light acoustic guitars. The song I'm posting today was the fourth and final of those singles.

Summer Of Love--cute upbeat pop that could probably serve the same role in a playlist as Britt Nicole's "Sunshine Girl." The opening is promising before dipping back into a fairly standard verse--then a quick bridge that starts to hint at that promise again, and then we get to the chorus, which is just a great outburst of fun. Catchy, too; I tend to find myself unconsciously playing it in my head at random moments.

I very much recommend picking up Leah Haywood's album Leah, which you can buy here, but I wouldn't say it's worth paying the $50 asking price for it; it's probably better to wait for it to crop up on eBay as it sometimes does (there's one on there going for $10 right now). She is genuinely underrated, I think--it's a really good album.

Next up: maybe a German singer.


Paul said...

somehow i heard this song before but not sure where. I do remember thinking "ooo who sings that?!" and wanting it and now several years later I have it! You are like a genie in a bottle!! Haha. I'm still not buying the album for $50 though even if it is only £25 of our english pounds :)

Adem IAR said...

"Summer of love" was all over tv here in OZ for an advertising campaign for--I think--Neighbours. Great track, pity she didn't do as well as people had hoped she would here.

Paul said...

ps - i love how non committal you are about whats coming up - "maybe a german singer" bwahahaha

Kevin said...

PG, have you ever heard of Amy Studt? If not, check out "Misfit", a song I could never get enough of when it was first released.

Also, as Ben mentioned it before, Darin has a deal with EMI Germany. You can buy his new single at 7Digital, which includes a remix by The Attic.

Poster Girl said...

Hah--glad I could help, Paul! ;) And yes, good album, but $50 would be a crazy price to pay.

I can see it being really good for something like that. And yeah, it is a shame.

I have heard of Amy Studt and even have some songs by her, but not "Misfit"--I'll go check it out. And Darin: that's fantastic! I loved the Attic's remix of "Who's That Girl"--it was so much better than the original. I'll definitely go buy this new mix.

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

Yeah, The Attic remix of "Who's That Girl" is great, no comparison to the (dreadful) original.

PG, I'm sending you "Misfit" and "Under The Thumb".

Oh, and I got an email from Deuce's Craig. They are reforming for a one-night only gig at London's Astoria Club:

"Go add Deuce as your friend and let the group know your thoughts".

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Leah also has one other song called "What Ya Got" that can currently be streamed online at

She also recorded "Drive" and "Afraid" that used to be on that site but was taken down after she gave it to Vanessa Hudgens for her album "V". I have a recording of Leah's version of the latter track. Anybody interested in hearing it?

I was also privileged to be contacted by her on youtube after she noticed her music videos on there, she answered some of the questions I had always wanted to ask about.