Monday, July 16, 2007

We used to be so high above

Melody Club are #1 Hits From Another Planet favorites, so complete credit and loads of thanks goes to Nick for introducing me to them. They are, like so many brilliant artists, Swedish, but before you turn off, thinking "oh no, not more schlager or disco-y dance-pop," they don't really sound like anyone else out there. Think more like...the best of the '80's, maybe--synth-pop. I've not picked up their third album yet, though from all accounts it's great, and I don't know how it couldn't be, given the quality of their first two albums, Music Machine and Face The Music. They've released a good number of singles since the 2002 release of Music Machine, with songs like "Electric" and "Baby (Stand Up)" garnering a good deal of deserved praise, but for some reason, I've always had a soft spot from one of the non-singles from their debut album.

Stranded Love--maybe not quite as "sophisticated" as some of their other work, but something draws me to it--maybe its exuberance? It's one of those songs that just makes me want to jump up and down in my room, shouting along with the chorus, each time it comes on. Maybe it was just the most instant? It's the preview for this song that convinced me to buy the album, and I'm hoping that might turn out to be true for other people. Smart and stylish but fun, punchy, full of synths, and incredibly catchy, it's also been road-tested and -approved, so even if you don't feel comfortable singing along in front of everyone in the house, you can still sneak in your "shower singing" in the car...could be a little dangerous if you start getting the urge to dance, air guitar, or air drum, though!

To buy Melody Club's first album, Music Machine, go here (physical) or here (digital). It's also available on iTunes in all countries. Their albums are just generally excellent in every way, so I definitely strongly recommend picking them up--as I said, the song I posted today wasn't even a single, and I can't even say that's a crime, because their albums are packed full of potential singles. I'll never understand why they aren't huge everywhere.

Next up: maybe a Czech singer.


J'ason D'luv said...

"My Soft Return" off Music Machine was one of my top jams in 2004! I worked with this guy who was a major fan of all things Swede pop, and he introduced me to Melody Club.

Their second album bit hard, though.

Nick said...

Ooh, score one for the pantheon of Swedish gods!! I'm glad you picked up the album. I love their first cd.

Poster Girl said...

You always surprise me with these past favorite songs of yours, J'ason! I know we get yearly rundowns of your favorite songs, but I'd be interested to hear what some of the earlier lists would have been made up of.

I'm so glad I did as well! I'd probably have raved about the Mo as well if their Night at the Zoo album hadn't been "out of stock" and "on order" for what seems like it must have been half a year now.

Nick said...

Seriously??? We must do something to rectify this situation... ;)