Monday, July 16, 2007

There's something 'bout you that makes me want to step up

Though I feel like I've been commenting on it all over the Internet, I don't think I've actually mentioned Shayne Ward's upcoming new album here on this blog. I think Shayne has the potential to be a fantastic popstar (by which I mainly mean do fantastic music). Given the buzz leading up to it, I was expecting the lead single for his new album to be some danceable pop-club style track, maybe something like Darin's "Step Up," so I was really surprised when I first heard it--"If That's OK With You" is reggae-pop-lite, but, after not being so sure about it at first (I had really high hopes), I've come to really enjoy's great! Plus, it looks like we'll still get that club-style song; an early review of some of the album tracks mentions what must be the song everyone thought would be the lead single, "You Make Me Wish," and it sounds very promising--it's described as an "electro-R&B club banger....Over marching band drum rolls and propulsive synth washes, Shayne coos 'you make me wish I didn’t have a girlfriend.'" Fingers crossed it's not a let down.

Anyway, with the video for "If That's OK With You" having just debuted, now's a good a time as any to take a listen to the song. It comes out August 19, with the album expected in October.

I know it's not what he's actually saying, but I always hear "I'm gonna wanna hold you in my arms, make you cry."


J'ason D'luv said...

H-O-T. The video, the song, the open-shirtedness.

Paul said...

i love shayne ward and i knew he had it in him. plus he is super hot. I'd do him. twice. but that tattoo on his chest is freaking rank! I can live without it!! I have very high hopes for his album, i must say!

Poster Girl said...

I'm pleasantly surprised by the video! Why don't more videos include dancing in shallow water?

Me too, Paul! Well, the high hopes. Not that he's bad-looking by any stretch, but I've never quite got the fuss over him (except for one picture you used once--Shayne with mistletoe, I think?). Great music always seems to improve my opinion of people, though, so that'll be changing any day now.

Actually, knowing me, if he grew spiky or artfully tousled hair, I'd probably be flipping out over him. I'm so predictable :-/ But he shouldn't!