Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm stressin' out, stressin' out

Relatively quick post for now: Triple 8 were a British boy band from around 2003. The group started out with five members and released two singles, "Knockout" and "Give Me A Reason." The album even included a song written by Abs out of 5ive and, though it definitely reminds me of his music, it fits in well with the other songs, if that gives you an indication of what to expect. Sadly, the album is one of a bunch (why do so many acts insist on covering this song?) to include the song "To Die For." A few years later, with some members lost and a new one brought on, the group released another single, "Good 2 Go," but they've since split up.

Knockout--unlike many boy bands, Triple 8 weren't afraid of big chunky guitar riffs, and this song definitely has them. Of course, they also seemed to be under the impression that they were somehow "street" (that should really be read as "we make music that's a little edgier than your typical boy band fare), but that shouldn't really be held against them, especially when it leads to songs with as much punch as "Knockout."

To buy Triple 8's single "Knockout," go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: see you all on Monday, probably with a Swedish or Finnish singer.


Paul said...

Knockout is a great boyband song :P it still holds up today! BTW, swede pop night was very good at g-a-y which i am sure you will read all about at EQ, but what he doesn't mention is that between 10.30 and 11.30 pm they played nothing but swedish pop, and i'm not ashamed to say that even with all those great acts on stage, dancing to a*teens halfway round the world was a real thrill! You don't get to hear it much in the clubs!

Anonymous said... try this out

Adem IAR said...

Oh I lovvvved Triple 8, nice to see them on here. Am VERY jealous of those of you who went to Swedepop night, damn you all!

Poster Girl said...

That sounds fantastic, Paul! More DJs should start playing "Halfway Around The World" in clubs...maybe throw in some "Closer To Perfection" and "Bouncing Off The Ceiling," too ;)

Thanks for the recommendation! :)

They were great! And me, too--they need to export it to Australia and the U.S..

Anonymous said...

hey this is gonna sound random but i'm from america and love triple 8. however i can never find there album.(i guess it was never released?) if you could post it or direct me where i could purchase it i'd appreciate it.