Monday, July 23, 2007

How will you do without, now that you sold me out

From the first mention at Popjustice, I was hooked on Finnish singer Sofia Zida's "Disco Mamazida;" with a bass line like that, it was hard not to play it repeatedly, and I pretty much instantly found myself compelled to buy the album. There are few songs to rival "Disco Mamazida," but there's one I think actually surpasses it; it might not have that addictive bassline, but somehow, it's the one I find myself returning to more. I can't help feeling that Sofia seems a little out of place in Finland's music scene, which has such a fondness for hard rock, but then again, there's a definite dance streak there as well: Antti Tuisku's New York, for example, some imported Swedish artists (Velvet and Danny aren't doing too poorly there right now), and then more typical "dance" (often "hardcore" dance) music--when you look at those successes, it's almost surprising she's not more successful there! Maybe she's just a little too pop-dance, not quite dance enough? Poor singles choices after "Disco Mamazida"? Anyhow, I'm not posting "Disco Mamazida" since I'm guessing a good number of people have heard it (if not, definitely go listen to it on her MySpace) and it's easily purchasable from 7Digital (though the whole album is pretty easily purchased from elsewhere, too).

Money (Greedy Honey)--though that bassline on "Disco Mamazida" is ridiculously hooky, I think maybe the reason I prefer this song (by a smidge) is the vocal melody. Not that it's something crazy revolutionary, but it just sounds like there was more effort put into it. The song is very poppy, very danceable, and very catchy, a tell-off to the the money-obsessed boy she's leaving behind.

To buy Sofia Zida's album Disco Mamazida, go here (digital). It's also available in all iTunes stores except the U.S.. Does anyone have any recommendations for stores to buy actual Finnish CDs from?

Next up: maybe a Swedish singer.

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