Friday, July 20, 2007

It's heaven compared to what I had

The more time that passes, the more I think I underrated Nick Lachey as a potential popstar. I really liked "What's Left Of Me" (and the Jack D Elliot mix of it) and "I Can't Hate You Anymore," but my favorite song by him (at least from this second album era) has probably always been the bonus track "Did I Ever Tell You." A while ago, I heard another bonus track, and it really made me stop and think--not that this track alone shaped my whole opinion of him, but it made me reevaluate him just because it brought further up the number of tracks by him that I really like. I'm really interested to hear new material from him eventually. He does have a way with a ballad, but I'm crossing my fingers any future album won't be quite as ballad heavy. The U.S. could really use a good solo male popstar, too, and, even though I'm not sure if he'll ever find legs beyond "What's Left Of Me," I hope he does.

Alone--this wouldn't have made a good single, but I do really like it. It hints at the possibility of Nick pursuing some music beyond the world of straight-up pop power ballads. Of course, it still deals with him being torn apart because of a relationship and it's still ballad-ish, even if mid-tempo, as so many of his songs do and are. A little guitar-y, it's not pop-rock, though he could pursue that route if he wanted to--his voice has a tone that would probably work for that style--but, much as I love pop-rock, I sort of hope he doesn't. Guitars, as used here, would be fine, but there are already a plethora of guitar-y pop artists around; I'd sort of like to have another more "pop" artist. I don't necessarily mean what people associate "pure pop" with--I'm not saying I want him to release Steps-esque music--but to have an artist who really is just pop (maybe a little one man boy band)? I think there's a vacancy there, especially in the U.S.; I'm not sure if the market exists, but I'd like to have an artist who isn't afraid to find out, and I'm willing to accept that Nick Lachey may never be making music like Darin's "Step Up," may always find his voice lends itself most towards songs with a little bit of ballad in their cores, in order to get that.

"Alone" is a bonus track on the UK version of Nick Lachey's album What's Left Of Me; you can buy the UK edition here (physical) or here (digital).

(P.S. This isn't necessarily the best picture of Nick Lachey, but it just so perfectly summed up the image he was going for--almost to the point of causing me to laugh--that I had to use it. I mean, about blatant.)

(P.P.S. There is something I very deliberately avoided mentioning here.)

Next up: I'm leaving for the weekend, but I think I can sneak in a post tomorrow morning and I should probably be back on Monday; there probably won't be any post on Saturday, though. As for singers...maybe an Australian one?


Paul said...

i'd love to see a less ballad heavy and oh woe is me my marriage failed Nick Lachey album. That would be aces. He's turning into the american solo westlife!! Sheesh! have a fun weekend!

Poster Girl said...

Thanks! You too, though with the Army Of Lovers/Alcazar/BWO thing, you should :)

J'ason D'luv said...

I didn't realize that album was put out in the U.K. I loved "What's Left Of Me," but agree that there way too many cookie-cutter, same-sounding ballads on the rest of the album. It was definitely just a bunch of tracks slapped around a hit single and put out there for the masses... Maybe he'll go heavy metal for the next one? Dare to dream.

Poster Girl said...

I don't think--no, I know I've never listened to the album straight through. I think there are some songs I've never even listened to the whole way. And it's so funny you mention heavy metal (albeit jokingly)--I was just asking someone if the U.S. had big rock bands anymore (question inspired after seeing the ringtone of "Party Like A Rockstar" advertised for the millionth time).