Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If you've been all strung out, then you know exactly how I feel

We all know I love guitars, right? I mean, McFly, the Click Five, Jamie Meyer--I love a good pop-rock song and there are even some rock songs I like. That said, if there was ever a case for all songs being made as Europop and guitars being abandoned entirely, I think this is it.

(You don't actually have to watch the video, or even listen to more than a few seconds of the actual music--it's mainly just about hearing the gist of it.)

And you know what makes it worse? That version of "Dragostea din tei" (called "Sugar Tunes Numa Numa") was actually created by Dan Bălan, ex-O-Zone member and the guy who composed the original. If, for some reason, you should want to purchase it, it's available on iTunes.

While I'm embedding videos, a while ago the video for Australian singer Eran James's single "Touched By Love" debuted, but I couldn't post it as it wasn't actually on YouTube. Now it is. I really like this soul-influenced pop song--one of those feel-good sort of songs. It's been available on Australian iTunes for a while now, but I think technically it's not out yet (his official site says August 10 for this single and August 25 for the album, Ten Songs About Love). Anyhow, Eran James, "Touched By Love"--I don't even usually fall for songs like this, but I've been enjoying this one (albeit via MySpace) for months now. I think if I heard it on the radio often, that would fade away pretty quickly and it'll win no cool points, but sometimes songs you shouldn't or wouldn't usually like come along and catch your attention.

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