Monday, July 23, 2007

This word I'm dropping

I love Ben Adams's music. There used to be pretty frequent updates on what he was doing included as asides on this blog, but eventually there are only so many times you can say "Ben Adams has put up some new photographs of himself. When will we ever get to hear his album? At least he rotates songs on his MySpace fairly frequently." Well, with Ben having just engaged in a web chat sort of thing, here are a few things going on related to Ben Adams (some fairly old):
  • Ben's holding auditions for a girl band. No other real details that I know of, but it's in progress, and the final result will probably be "quirky."
  • The album that we've been waiting for is completed (probably no surprise there), but, given that he's no longer with BMG, he's working on a new one instead. However, in regards to that earlier album, he's "looking at ways to put it out maybe over the internet" (YES, PLEASE DO THIS...unless he ends up finding some way to put some old songs on the new album and wants to do that instead).
  • In response to if it's his voice in the background of Sergey Lazarev's "Fake" (which Mobius pointed out a while ago): "i think most of his album is my voice unfortunately, but i wrote most of it and it stayed number one in russia for quite some time last year, so it's not all bad." (Incidentally, both Ben and another former a1 member, Mark Read, do some backing vocals on Sergey's latest album.)
  • He's owner of his own studio now.
  • ...and yes, he does have some new photos up.


Paul said...

there ARE only so many times you can say ooo new photographs. It's good to know he's still plodding away. You absolutely must go myspace btw :) although isn't everyone on facebook now? I'm not down with the cool kids so i sticks with whats i gots

giek said...

wow hehe...
see you

Robpop said...

Its facebook now. But its not as nice as myspace. Plus theres no music.

Does he have a bit of a widows peak in the latest pics (without the adage of the cap of course).

Perhaps Ben needs to go out of the UK to break it. Like Robyn (and many others) pop needs to break Europe first. Countries like Spain and Germany would fall big time for his material.

Adem IAR said...

I used to work with a guy who looked EXACTLY like Ben Adams, which in turn made me very interested in Ben's music. Am interested to hear more about this girl group thingymabob...

Poster Girl said...

Really? I feel like Facebook is much less of a thing here now than it used to be--I mean, it was neat when I joined, like, two years ago, but I barely use it now.

He should do that. Heck, he should release his music anywhere--I'd import it.

Ooo, really, Adem? And I'm not sure about the girl group thing--I'd love for it to work out, but I'm envisioning some not-so-hot "MySpace artist" type of stuff. Hopefully not, though, because it'd be great to have another good girl group out there.