Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I bet you don't, don't even know my favorite song


The worst news I've heard all day:

"The third album may be more ballad-oriented."

-Anthony Callea in an interview with the Herald Sun (talking to Cameron Adams)


OK, I will grant that "Rain" is a good song and I even enjoy a couple of the other ballads from his debut album, but he can't do that! Not that I'm surprised, really, but still. Sigh. I do love him in pop-rock mode (I really need to post "Almost" or "Stranded" at some point), but I still harbor some faint hopes of him doing more dance-pop someday...c'mon, Anthony, you like Kylie Minogue's music and you've already teased us with "Into Your Heart," "Wanna Be The One" and your cover of "Angel." Or, failing that, keep making pop-rock and get Jewels & Stone to remix your singles like they did for fellow Australian Stephanie McIntosh's "Mistake" or get a Kate DeAraugo "Faded (Reactor Mix)" equivalent.

I can dream, right?


J'ason D'luv said...

Ooh, look at you becoming a wild, untamed Jewels & Stone nymphet!

Poster Girl said...

In slight defense of me, I think I've mentioned that somewhere before--in another blog's comments, I think--so it's not entirely a brand new development. I definitely need to listen to more of their work! I do think his voice would work fantastically for that sort of cheesy poppy dance stuff, though.