Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Facile per te decidere rubarmi l'anima e poi fuggire

Oh, no...

I've been in major love with Paolo Meneguzzi's music ever since Pinkie wrote about him a while ago. Pinkie singled out the track "Ti Amo Ti Odio" in particular, and he was so right to do so--it's a fantastic pop song, catchy and sad at the same time...and, well, really, it has everything I could want in a song. It seems Paolo or his record company must agree with Pinkie, because it's the latest single from Paolo's album Musica.


it's got a horrible music video to go with it. I'll link to it--you can watch it here--but it's definitely not the way to be introduced to the song. Since I'm convinced everyone should hear it, though, here's one of those random fan-made videos with the song as audio.

(It's not actually five minutes long--there's just a lot of silence at the end of the video.)

Now, go download the song from A Kind Of Love In.

And, to make up for the lack of good video clip, here's the video for one of Paolo's earlier hits, "Vero Falso."

While we're discussing random news, Mexican pop group Belanova have the lead single for their new album, Fantasía Pop, out; it's called "Baila mi corazón." It's not quite as amazing as "Niño," but it's not bad, and they're a group worth paying attention to; if they were singing in English, they'd probably have much of the pop blogging world praising them. I haven't seen an official video for it yet, but you can listen to the audio via this fan photo montage.

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