Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sólo con verte devuelves a la vida lo que era muerte

Stop everything.

This news is three weeks old, but I only just heard it.

Do you know what we can expect around October?

A new D'Nash album!

Capaz de todo is still the best straight up boy band album I've heard in ages and one of the most fun albums I own to listen to, so suffice to say I'm very excited, even if trying to keep down my expectations.

(News from here, via PubliSpain.)

Edit: by the way, Mikel recently committed the greatest crime against popstar hair since Anthony Callea went practically bald--I won't blind you with pictures, but suffice to say that the guy who before really couldn't take a bad picture now looks like he's straight out of a bad '90's boy band. Not that he's always had the greatest haircuts before, but really, this has to be the worst it's ever been.


Paul said...

oh my that's a lot of posts :) It's like reading one of my lengthy blogs! I had to get a starbucks for all this and very marvelous it was too (the starbucks and the posts of course!) now i've completely forgotten what i wanted to say - oh yes, popstars called Paolo, yay! And mikel's hair? booooooo!

Resa said...

Mikel posted at the official forum saying that the new album'll be in November!

Oh, Mikel's haircut is horrible! I stared in shock for a few minutes. :( I don't know if you noticed Javi got a hair cut as well!

Did you manage to get a physical copy of any version of Capaz de Todo? If not, Bearecords.nl carries the latest re-release of it, plus bonus dvd, but I think they're on vacation until mid-August.

A few posts back, I noticed you were going to write about a Czech singer. Have you heard of Šárka Vaňková? She was second on Czech Pop Idol in the first season (I think 2004) and had a song called Lásku dávej, which the backing track is the same as NKD's "Quicksand"!

Okay, rambly mess and I'm sorry!

rafiki.the.druid said...
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Poster Girl said...

Oh, Paul, I heard a Paolo Nutini song being used on a commercial the other day--can't remember for what, though...a TV or movie, maybe?

Thanks for clearing that up! November is still earlier than I was expecting, so I'm still excited :) No, I never did get an actual copy, and I need one, so I'll definitely be ordering one. I did notice Javi's haircut, but it's not quite as bad as Mikel's, so I didn't mention it...and I almost mentioned that headband thing Ony's worn a few times, but I think it's better off forgotten ;) I'm not sure why they felt they had to change at all. No, I haven't heard her! It's interesting--the more digging people do, the more covers are cropping up on that album. I'm not surprised at all, really, given that it's an Idol album and a pop album from South Africa, but finding all that sort of stuff out fascinates me. And no, rambling messes are good! :)

Aww, thanks! And for pictures of Mikel...try these links:

Picture 1

Picture 2