Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Don't look back

I'm worried--first I'm underwhelmed by the latest September single and now the latest Da Buzz single has me feeling similarly underwhelmed. It's not that "Can't Get Over" or "Baby Listen To Me" are bad songs, but I know both the acts in question are capable of pop brilliance. Of course, the first time I heard "Take All My Love," Da Buzz's latest single in Sweden ("Baby Listen To Me" hasn't been released in Sweden yet and I'm not sure if it's going to be--fingers crossed they've got a stronger song instead--it's out in countries like Russia, Bulgaria, and Lithuania) I was underwhelmed as well, and now I think my initial impressions couldn't have been more wrong, so I'm definitely still excited about the album (the same is true for September's next album), which Da Buzz said was due out this summer. Speaking of September and Da Buzz, "Cry For You" is doing well on U.S. dance charts and it's hoped that will lead to some inroads on pop radio and "Take All My Love" is getting a U.S. release (as some previous Da Buzz singles have in the past). I don't truly expect anything to happen outside the dance charts, but I would be thrilled if September and Da Buzz could have some sort of mainstream success here!

So, if I'm disappointed, why am I sharing it? Even a subpar Da Buzz single makes for a good fun pop song. "Baby Listen To Me" would make a more than respectable album track and even an enjoyable listen on the radio; it just doesn't compare to, say, "Without Breaking," "Dangerous," or "Let Me Love You."

Baby, Listen To Me--I think my main problem is that this song isn't as hard-hitting as I would like. It's not as if I think Da Buzz are only good in dance stormer mode (I love "Stop! Look! Listen!"), but this song is in the same vein as their dance tracks without actually being as strong as them. That said, it's already grown on me a good deal in the time I've been listening to it, so I'm hoping it will continue to do so; don't be surprised if I'm saying I love it soon. As is true for most Da Buzz songs, it's catchy, poppy, and danceable. At first, the "nah nah nah nah nah hey"s seemed sort of like a cop-out, a weakness--"we don't know what else to say, so let's just throw in some of these"--but I like them now. In fact, as I listen to the song while typing this up, I keep wanting to take back any criticism I might have of it...but then thoughts of the power of the aforementioned tracks slip back into my mind. I guess maybe the best way to say it is this: in the world of pop, it's a good song, but it's not going to be challenging for the title of Da Buzz's best single anytime soon.

I'm not sure where you can buy "Baby Listen To Me" (which I've seen elsewhere referred to as just "Listen To Me"), but you can buy Da Buzz's most recent single in Sweden, "Take All My Love," here (physical) or here (digital). Their albums are available in iTunes stores around the world and if you don't know any of their previous work, I definitely recommend picking up some other songs (albums, really) by them.

Next up: an American duo.


Nick said...

Not sure I like the Da Buzz song, but I'm loving the new September single. I didn't at first, though, so maybe it's a grower.

AcerBen said...

My problem with Da Buzz is that they have never (in my.. ears) surpassed "Do You Want Me", "Let Me Love You" and the amazing "Your Love Will Shine On Me". None of their other albums lived up to my expectations.

Poster Girl said...

"Can't Get Over" is definitely better than this, but...I'm not sure...it just doesn't work for me like "Cry For You," "It Doesn't Matter," "Looking For Love," or "Midnight Heartache" do. Then again, I never totally "got" "Satellites," so maybe I just don't love her lead singles as much? And I still have a lot of faith that she'll release some fantastic songs.

Really? For me, "Without Breaking" is just as good as any other single they've ever released. Maybe I'm influenced by the fact that their most recent album was the first one I heard, though.