Monday, July 30, 2007

And I'm livin' my life in the dark of your spell

German group Nu Pagadi, formed through the TV show Popstars, were probably destined to be seen as a shameless attempt to make the franchise "edgy" and get loads of hate heaped upon them as a result (and their sometimes miscalculated outfit choices couldn't have helped either--there's a right way and a wrong way to do that sort of look), but to do that would be to ignore the fact that they released some pretty good songs. Think co-ed Phixx with more rock influence and dressed up to look a little more gothic, maybe. Today's song even has them sort of sounding like a darker Alcazar in the chorus. The group started as four people, two boys and two girls, but they first lost one girl and then broke up entirely, but not before releasing one album in 2005.

Sweetest Poison--before you turn this off at first listen, remember that I'm not a hard rock fan; there may be a lot of guitars in the verses, but this is not Rammstein. That chorus--sung in English, while the verses are in German--is pure pop, with the girls' voices even being surprisingly sweet. There's actually a bit that reminds me of Phixx's "Hold On Me," though if it it's deliberately mimicking anything I imagine it's something older and more famous I don't know. Sparkling and haunting in just the right commercial way, this song makes me with Nu Pagadi had stuck around at least a little while longer so we could see if they ever equaled it.

Sweetest Poison (Electromix)--I wasn't going to upload this at first--would anyone really want a six minute version of a song I'd just posted?--but that throbbing bassline is just too fantastic to pass up. If you like your electro dirty sounding, you should love this. This version also cuts out most of the guitars and makes even the German parts more approachable, music-wise.

To buy Nu Pagadi's album Your Dark Side, go here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe an Icelandic singer, or a Kazakhstani one.


AcerBen said...

"Sweetest Poison" was amazing... but then what happened?


Poster Girl said...

Flop second single :( And I think a lot of the members didn't really like the styling and musical direction--so they say now, anyway.

Michaell said...

Gosh I remember how big ' Sweetest Poison ' was in Germany , but they dissapeared so quickly , haven't even heard their second single

Poster Girl said...

It was "Dying Words"--I presume there must be a single edit of because the album version is more than six minutes long--yup, just looked, and there's a four minute long version on YouTube. I'm not surprised it didn't do nearly as well--from my perspective, it's not nearly as catchy. The chorus seems slower--they were probably going for more dramatic, but to me, it mainly ends up being less catchy.