Monday, July 30, 2007

I don't hear nothin' but ladies calling

Look, I'm sorry, I wasn't going to say anything about this, but I can't help it. This is completely brilliant.

I was entirely underwhelmed by "Wall To Wall" the first time I heard it--I can genuinely say I was disappointed because Chris Brown showed signs of becoming one of my favorite "I like the singles though I'll probably never buy an album" artist with his first album. Sure, he may be ripping off Usher and Michael Jackson, and sure, he had to mention the fact that he was sixteen in every single he released (what does he do? update those lines in concert?), but "Run It" was fantastic. I love Usher's "Yeah," so I was more than up for someone looking to inherit the title Usher looked like he wanted, that king of the clubs role. "Gimme That" was pretty great as well.

So anyhow, back to "Wall To Wall," the lead single for his second album. I heard it a while ago and was completely disappointed. Then, I saw the video...and suddenly, I loved it. I mean, not only did I suddenly get the song, the video is just so laughably ridiculous--how can you not love it? The choreography is worthy of special note.

Chris Brown may very well be a genius. Just don't take it all seriously--I really think it's like a giant joke. I mean, in the middle of this gothic-styled club stomper, Chris suddenly switches into lovey-dovey slow jam for the middle 8 and begins ascending heavenwards into a ray of light--it's so random, so ridiculous, so "what on Earth?" that I love it. And that's not even mentioning the plot and over-the-top lyrics! Or the flying!

(By the way, watch the video on TV if you can--it sounds and looks a lot better that way, and that's critical for this video.)

Please don't think that I'm saying Chris is providing some deep social commentary or something academic like that--I just have a weird sense of humor that makes me love the elaborateness and ridiculousness of this whole thing.


Michaell said...

it's good,still think he ain't gonna have nothing more successful than ' Run It ' :/

Poster Girl said...

I think you're right--it's not as good a song, either!