Wednesday, July 04, 2007

All we want is to dance

Do you know what today is?

Well, in the U.S., it's Independence Day, but who cares about that? It's the day the new Magnus Carlsson album is released!

And, because I'm being sort of completist about the whole thing, I bought the nineteen track deluxe edition. I know, I probably didn't really need to have the demo version of "Don't You Worry," random remixes, and outtakes from the recording sessions--who am I kidding, yes, I did.

Plus, in celebration, his official site has been redesigned, so anyone who'd been avoiding it because of the Christmas photoshoot pictures--it's now safe to go back.

(By the way, is there an actual physical version of the deluxe edition? I don't think there is, but if one exists, I'd like to buy it. Digitally, it's available for purchase even in the UK iTunes store [though not the U.S. one] and, regardless of where you live, from Medion Music.)

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