Wednesday, July 04, 2007

You and me will fall in love again

There are other songs on the new Magnus Carlsson album that people are going to like more and think are better, more original or more fully developed songs, but given that I've been running around singing this one for the past few hours, I have to post it. As brief background, in case he needs one, Magnus is a Swedish singer that first became famous as the lead singer of the group Barbados; after years of being together, he left to go solo, releasing a holiday album before becoming the fourth member of Alcazar before they released their second album. He's now solo again, having released a pop album in Swedish, another holiday album, and now, for the first time as a solo artist, an album all in English. Live Forever - The Album, includes his entry in this year's Melodifestivalen (Sweden's national contest to choose its Eurovision entry), which, in the biggest MF crime this year, failed to make it out of its semifinal.

What About Love--this is one of those ohmygosh-i-love-this-song sort of songs that, as I said, just makes me want to run around singing it. I love the verses, I love the bridge, I love love love the middle 8, but more than anything, I love the chorus--especially near the end of the song, where he starts ad-libbing a little with the "love." Pushes me over the edge every time. It's just perfect fun! Upbeat and fast. And, shockingly, it's only a bonus track.

(My ears are deaf to any accusations that this is "Live Forever"-lite, but, if you're worried the album exhausts the template of his MF hit, it doesn't; much of it is very pop-disco.)

To buy Magnus Carlsson's new album Live Forever - The Album, go here (physical) or here (digital) (you can even get it from the UK iTunes), but, as far as I know, this track is only available digitally. "Give A Little Love" very nearly got posted today; it's all sorts of brilliance. Also on the tracks-we-hadn't-already-heard front, I love "Don't You Worry" as well, though I may end up being in the minority in that; it's still uptempo, but a little more ballad-influenced.

Next up: maybe the Swedish group I was going to write about today.

Edit: in retropsect, I should have titled this post "This is not a cliché, just my feelings today." Maybe another time.


Alexander said...

Thanks for "What about Love"! :)
"Don't You Worry" is such a good track. It's catchy, it's poppy, it's FUN!

Don't you worry, I'll be back again!

Paul said...

woohoo! I didn't realise there was a deluxe version available so i scurried along to download it and now i am awash in a sea of magnus! I've listened to the whole thing once and i really like it in an unashamed pop rules makes you feel happy sort of way. Does that make sense? Am I gushing. Did you say MF? hahahaha. Happy 4th PPG!

Raj said...

Ooohhh - downloading now....can't wait to give it a whirl! [queue - starts singing 'Live Forever']

Poster Girl said...

No problem--and I completely agree about "Don't You Worry"! I love its poppiness, its melody, its lyrics...everything.

Oh, I'm glad I could rope you into spending even more money ;)

I hope you like it, Raj! I'm still singing it--and "Live Forever" ;)