Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So you are bringing back something that I have lacked

Originally I was going to post a song that everyone's going to think I'm crazy for liking...and then something by a Swedish group...and I'll get to both of those soon, but for the past few weeks I've found myself frequently listening to a song pretty often, trying to figure out if it's good or not--which probably means it's worth a listen. Apparently it's not that recent at all--I think it's from 2005, maybe?--but I only found out about it through this year's Disco Estrella. The group behind it is American (though the lead singer, Dhana, is "Spanish/German") and named Taxi Doll; from a quick listen to the rest of their songs, it doesn't sound like anything else comes close to this, but maybe for good reason: though it's not labeled that way, I'm pretty sure the version of the song I'm posting is actually the Josh Harris remix--maybe, since it's not labeled as being such, this is the version that's being promoted?

Waiting--speeding up the original and distorting the vocals, this remix has a lot more punch than the original; it's also been simultaneously made more electro and more rock. There's also this revving forward and backward feel, something I'd say that the chorus of Kelly Clarkson's "Never Again" also has (though I'm not saying they sound similar--Dhana's clearly going more for sultry than for rock chick). It sometimes feel as if the song needs just one more element to fully pop and come to life, but as something to put on while you're doing something, it works pretty well, and there's a 50/50 chance I'll be saying it's flat-out great in a few weeks.

To buy Taxi Doll's song "Waiting (Josh Harris Remix)," U.S. residents can go to iTunes or anyone pick up Disco Estrella 2007 from here. Their MySpace is selling songs, too.

Next up: probably that Swedish group.


Kevin said...

Taxi Doll first released their debut EP, "Waiting..." on Dec. 2004, on a tiny indie label. Almost a year later, the single "Waiting" was serviced to clubs with a couple of mixes. Another year later (2006) and the single was serviced once more, this time with additional mixes. A commercial single was released to certain retailers.

Taxi Doll announced in 2006 that they have signed a deal with Universal Music worldwide. At the end of May, Apollo Recordings UK (Mercury's dance offshoot label, and a Universal company) serviced the single to UK clubs, with new UK mixes, courtesy of Bimbo Jones.

Poster Girl said...

Thanks for all the information! December 2004...well, I was close with 2005 ;)