Thursday, June 07, 2007

No tengo nada para ti

Spanish singer Merche, like so many of the artists I write about, does have a Eurovision connection: she's competed in Spain's national final, though she's never made it to Eurovision. She's released three albums so far, all of which (if Wikipedia can be trusted) have gone at least platinum, with her third album, Necesito libertad, even going double platinum. Though it was probably mainly "Eras tu," the album's lead single and a ballad, that helped push the album to such success, it's the third single off the album that I prefer.

Bombón--I know it's a huge generalization to just refer to "Latin" music and to write it off as a whole, and I'm sure there are exceptions, but generally just straight-up Latin music doesn't jump out at me. However, given me upbeat Latin pop that doesn't overdose on the Latin elements and there's a good chance I'll enjoy it. That sort of oft-mocked Ricky Martin-style music? I like it. And David Bisbal's "Ave Maria" is in contention to be one of my favorite songs ever. "Bombón" really isn't that far away from those sorts of songs, though it might have slightly more of that Latin influence. Still, it's got one of those catchy choruses designed for dancing, even if it's of the ridiculous Sarbel type, which is almost always enough to hook me in. Throw in some attitude from Merche, and you're set.

To buy Merche's third album, Necesito libertad, go here (physical) or go to iTunes; for example, if you live in the U.S., go here.

Edit: the tracklisting for Magnus Carlsson's upcoming album was released today--given that Bosson's upcoming album has a version of "Live Forever," I wonder if there's a chance that Magnus's "You" is a version of Bosson's song? Oh, and speaking of Bosson, I heard "Believe In Love" on the radio the other day and I really like it (it's got some great "oh-oh"s), so I presume it's the new single--that leaves me with a dilemma, though: I've liked or loved all four of this upcoming album's singles, but when I listen to the preview clips for the album, I have my doubts about its quality. Silly, right? I mean, if I like the first four singles, I should definitely buy it, right? I'm probably just underestimating it.

Next up: maybe a Swedish duo.


Troy said...

Thats hilarious... The first time I heard Live Forever I thought... Hmm this sounds like it was meant for Bosson!

I wonder if he was initially offered the song?

Troy said...

Ok ive listened to bossons clips from the new album... I think there are some good tracks!

His albums have never been THAT great... but i think this one is probably one of his strongest yet! I think he needs to do a LOT less ballads though.

kate said...

If you live in the states, how did you hear Bosson on your radio? Just curious =P

aleera said...

i don't know her, but i'm going to download the song.
and thank you for visiting me =]
your blog is so international.

Robpop said...

Wow!!! Merche! Shes brilliant! Although I much prefer Bea Bronchal and Malou.

The Bosson version of Live Forever is dreadful!

Kevin said...

Kate: Capitol Records US signed Bosson stateside. Two singles were released commercially by Capitol, and the album was scheduled for release. I'm 99.9% sure that the album was even pressed, but Capitol pulled the plug at the last minute. Both singles flopped. A third single, "One In A Million", was promoted by TVT Records, and it was included on the movie and soundtrack for "Miss Congeniality". The song was nominated for a Golden Globe -it lost.

Poster Girl said...

That's what I was wondering too, Troy--it would't surprise me. Or maybe he sang the MF demo? It'd be interesting to know. And I'd be all for fewer ballads--all of the best Bosson songs I know (off the top of my head) are uptempo.

Oops--I should've been more clear, Kate! Sorry :) I was listening to Rix FM (a Swedish radio station and possibly the best radio station in the world) via the Internet. I wish there was somewhere in the U.S. playing Bosson's new music! This is why I need my own radio station ;)

I hope you like it, Aleera! I'm pretty random :)

Robpop, I think the Magnus version is a lot better, too, which is strange for a song that so many people heard and thought of Bosson. I've never heard of Bea Bronchal--I'll definitely have to look her up!

Miss Congeniality was on the other day--that was a soundtrack with some good songs on it. And thanks for the history, even if it was for Kate :)

PinkieDust said...

Oh that is fucking awful. I love it!!!

Merche is a bit tasty ain't she. there is a better mix of Bombón though. I'll send it 2 ya asap.

Poster Girl said...

Is there really? That'd be great!