Friday, June 08, 2007

It's almost frightenin'

Hi all! I'm literally just about to rush out the door, but I thought I'd really quickly post this radio rip of the new Magnus single, mainly because I know I was really curious to hear it and I thought some other people might be, even if it's not in top-quality audio (not only is the audio quality low, it's a bit messed up in the beginning, which is my fault; I'll try to come back and update this with a fixed version later, if I can).

Waves Of Love (Sort-Of-Messed-Up Radio Rip)

Up for a few days only, as is usual.


Troy said...

Um... This is really weird! It doesnt sound anything like him. I can hear his voice in the background... but have they used vocal effects on his main vocals?!

Paul said...

oooo excitement he wrote. i can't wait to hear the non sort of messed up version! Where's your finger? Oh it's on the pulse!!

J'ason D'luv said...

Thanks! And where are you rushing off to on a Friday night, you little minx?

Alexander said...

Heard two new songs from Magnus' album this afternoon. Both BRILLIANT, may I add.

Waves of Love:
Crazy Summer Nights:

Listen, enjoy, and put your disco boots on!

Poster Girl said...

In the live performance of it (it's on YouTube), he sounds pretty close to that, I think--he must be a really good singer! It's a strange experience, though, isn't it? Almost like a duet at some points, between him singing high and him doing backing vocals.

Paul...see Alexander's comment :)

J'ason, shopping and then someplace that would have been a lot more fun if they had a backup power generator in case a storm knocked the power out! Oh well--we found some stuff to do ;)

Alexander, thanks so much! They're brilliant! I wasn't sure about "Waves Of Love" the first time through, but I love it now--it's such a perfect summer song! "Crazy Summer Nights" is brilliant! And a relief to hear (his last album had some great songs, but, in my opinion, the not-particularly-memorable ones outnumbered the good ones). I cannot wait to hear the album at this rate.

Kevin said...

OK, so Magnus has moved on from ripping off the 80s and a-ha's "Take On Me". He is now ripping off the 70s and the Bee Gees ("Stayin' Alive" and "Night Fever").

It took me a while to figure it out who he sounded like... and finally it came to me. He sounds JUST like the falsetto guy from Big Fun, either Phil Creswick or Mark Gillespie. I'm sure Mobius will know the name. ;) said...

Kevin, you may be right, cos their was only one true voice on ALL the BIG FUN tracks, and that was Mark Gillespie, rumour has it, that the other's could'nt cut the mustard. Listen carefully, and you'll only hear Mark's voice, its a "blend", the other two mimed.

I heard it said in a club, that it was Mark Gillespie who got the Jive deal? All history.