Wednesday, June 06, 2007

C'mon, let's get get get together

Belgian singer Kate Ryan's fate back in the 2006 Eurovision was much bemoaned (and rightly so) by fans. Whatever the reason for her failure to make it out of the semifinal, "Je T'adore" was, in its studio version, pretty much inarguably one of the best songs of the contest (though I wouldn't say it was the best; I think I preferred Mihai Traistariu's "Tornero" and Dima Bilan's "Never Let You Go"). Her followup album also had some great songs, like "Alive," "All For You," "Spinning Around," and "How Many Times." Now she's back with a new single. The main song is a cover of "Voyage Voyage," but the b-side (at least, I think it's the b-side or less emphasized side, but it could be the "main" A-side), an original song and the theme for this year's Eurogames, was the song I was more interested to hear.

We All Belong (Web Rip)--this isn't top quality audio; sorry about that. Even if this song doesn't end up causing the hyperventilating that "Je T'adore" did in some cases, it's still a more than respectable entry into Kate's repertoire. If you've listened to any of her past singles, you'll know what to expect out of this one--it's catchy, poppy, and danceable--but there's nothing wrong with that. It's fun pop, and a good example of it.

(This song will only be posted for a few days, since it's a new single.)

I'm not sure where you can preorder Kate Ryan's upcoming "Voyage Voyage/We All Belong" single (if anyone knows, please let me know!), but her most recent album, Alive, is worth picking up; you can buy it here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: a Spanish singer.


Paul said...

i've always been interested enough to randomly check out Kate's music but never committed enough to follow her career. Je T'adore was a pretty good song and i did sing it in the shower once at a hotel in Drubrovnik. The shower had mould round the head though which wasn't pleasant and i think i now associate that unpleasant image with Kate.

i DO like this new song though - it's pretty sweet. Ew, i just said sweet.

RV said...

Voyage voyage was a rumoured track recorded by Bananarama so we shoudl expect a radio fight between the girls

Kevin said...

Kate Ryan... FEH! My apathay towards KR is 100 times bigger than yours Paul. I win! :p

OT... what is wrong with Warner??? The artwork for Måns' single, "Work Of Art (Da Vinci)", is the exact same artwork as his album!

Warner did the same thing with Andreas' single/album...


Poster Girl said...

I can't say I follow all of her career, but her last album did have some good songs on it--I think I remember you writing about her? The phrase "sorta fun" pops into my mind :)

That'll be interesting! Kate didn't really have any UK success with the last album, though, right? So, at least in maybe their own countries they can both be successful.

Oh no! Really? See, there goes most of my incentive to buy it. I guess there is still the remixes... ;)
(Is this Andreas Johnson?)

Jamie said...

You see I really like Kate but then I like my crappy euro diva wannabees. Covering 'Voyage Voyage' is a bit risky though as you just can't top the Desireless original.

Poster Girl said...

Oh, I love Kate when she's in "pop mode"! Her more dance songs are hit-and-miss for me, but she's always worth checking out.

Kevin said...

Your incentive to buy are covers? What happened to 'it's about the music'? Ha ha. I love the remixes! Warner should commission a remixed video.

Yes, PG, Andreas Johnson. The covers for the single "A Little Bit Of Love", and the album "The Collection", are one and the same.

Poster Girl said...

Oops, didn't notice this earlier!

Ha, well, I was joking, but I guess in retrospect I could have been serious--since I'm not a big quality buff and I can buy the single digitally, the only reason I could conceivable have to get an actual physical copy (given shipping prices, digital is a lot cheaper) would be a cover.