Sunday, May 06, 2007

When the solid ground is shaking

I promise this isn't the start of an obsession and loads of posts, but having finally heard all of Jon's second album, I wanted to sneak in one last thing about him and write about it. As before, all credit for the introduction goes to DSTP. In brief, Jon is a Danish singer who won Popstars. There's also a documentary about him that's just recently been released; it looks really interesting and I'd definitely buy it if it ever comes out in a version in English or with English subtitles (I think the DVD, due out this summer, has English subtitles, though I'm not sure).

Hurry Up Live--this song is in a style of music never likely to cause explosions of excitement in most pop-loving places but one that I absolutely adore. I've been craving "boy pop" lately and, though Enrique Iglesias's new song helped with that (as have some singers on other blogs--more on that in a moment), Jon's second album perfectly fulfills that requirement. In this case, "boy pop" may be a bit of a misleading term--don't picture a singer who sounds like an actual boy (like, say, Corbin Bleu)--but I've not yet come up with a better term. The music has a very rich warm sound to it--you know the whole "slip into your favorite sweater, make a cup of hot chocolate, and curl up in front of the fireplace" concept? Or the idea of comfort food? Well, Today Is A Good Day (To Fall In Love) (yes, cheesy title, I know) is exactly like that in music form. Don't let that make you think it's all whispery or ballad-y, though--it's uplifting in a non-aggressive way. Comfortable and comforting and never saccharine or treacly--it's far too warm to come off as sugary. The dark chocolate of the music world.

You can buy Jon's second album, Today Is A Good Day (To Fall In Love), go here (physical) or visit iTunes, where you'll have to search for song names or the album title--the album won't come up if you search for "Jon." For example, it can be found on the U.S. iTunes here. I very much recommend picking up at least some of the songs on it--in particular, his cover of Sita's "Popstar" (I love the added verse), "Why Can't This Be Love," and "Who U Gonna Run To"--I could probably go on, but those are good songs to start with.

Speaking of "boy pop," there are some great examples in the blogworld at the moment. Check out Daniel Zueras at Don't Stop The Pop--very cute-sounding Spanish pop with a video and lyrics that bely that cuteness. A Kind Of Love In has great pop by Swiss/Italian singer Paolo Meneguzzi. Look out for "Ti Amo Ti Odio" and "Vero Falso" in particular. I'm definitely buying some albums by him as soon as I have more money again!

Next up: possibly Espen Lind, but I'm not sure if I'm ready yet.


PinkieDust said...

I love Jon. His first album isn't as good as his first. Like you i only came by him thanks to the magic that is DSTP. That place has caused serious damage to my bank account. His version of Popstar is brilliant due to that added verse. The video is so good. Your article on his movie worried me however. I hope he isn't going through a "woe is me" moment especially when his fellow pop idol cousin in France passed away at MY AGE! If Jon is having issues with fame then he should just look at Gregory and grow up.

That said i too am looking out for "boy pop" left right and centre. In fact I could do with a bit of boy popping of the other sort too.

Jon ticks all those boxes both musically and physically. Have you got the mixes he did for Popstar. They are fucking amazing. It was remixed by the same guy behind Christine Milton's Superstar track.

The next music update on YCTL from me will be another slice of perfect italian boy pop ;-)

Thanks for Paolo shout out! Ti amo ti Odio is purepop bliss. All his stuff is really.

Paul said...

i didnt know Jon was still going. And ditto to everything Mr Dust said above. Curse you PPG, my florida worn credit card is about to take another bashing (shakes fist and rushes to cdon)

Poster Girl said...

The video is quite sweet! I really wish I could speak Danish, as it's so difficult to understand what's happening...I haven't heard the remixes! Are they on the single, I'm guessing? Well, I heard the one posted on DSTP, come to think of it. Looking forward to more Italian pop! :) I'm really surprised at how much great stuff is out there that doesn't seem to have been written about before!

Yup, he must be still going, though his relationship with dance/remix group Musikk seems to be getting closer; they just released a remix of "Falling" that's doing pretty well on some download charts. Paying attention to the music blogger world is so expensive, no? ;)