Saturday, May 05, 2007

Try to understand it's not too late

Today, an album I'd wanted to own for quite some time--mainly because of one song--finally arrived. I don't know much about the group in question, but I do know they are Finnish, though, according to, some of the members are Swedish. Waldo started out as a solo artist, doing that sort of harder dance music with a deep-voiced emotionless talky guy who's actually sort of scary getting in the way of the music. That's still sort of true for Waldo's People--Waldo seems to be the weak link in the group, still doing the same thing he did in what I know of his solo work. Luckily, as part of Waldo's People, he's surrounded by some other people, meaning there's less of his style of vocals. I think Nalle, the other guy in the group, plays the guitar, but the real stars are--or should be--the girls, Christa and Jessica, who tend to do the choruses. I suspect the lineup fluctuates, but that's who's listed in this album booklet and shown on the cover.

1000 Ways--as I mentioned before, their songs do have guitars, which you'll hear straight from the beginning, but even if you're not usually a fan of guitars, don't let that throw you off quite yet--stick it out to the chorus, which is used before we even get to the first verse; there may be guitars here, but they just enhance the power of the song, giving it that extra punch it needs to really make an impression. As much as I might like to complain about Waldo--and I have--it's also true that, without him, that same strength the song needs might not be there; I'm not sure. Without all that almost-harshness from the guitars and maybe even from Waldo, that chorus, which I really love, might just fade away as too light and fluffy.

I don't know of anywhere you can buy Waldo's People's second album, No-Man's-Land, which "1000 Ways" is from, but keep an eye on eBay, where you can still buy their first album. I think you can buy a digital version of No-Man's-Land here if you live in the UK; it's also available in most European countries' iTunes stores.

Next up: maybe a Danish song, or something from Norway.

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